Restore your Buttocks by Removing Illegal Silicone

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen


"Prioritize your health by removing illegally injected silicone from your body!”  

  • Do you wish to restore your health and buttocks in a safe and effective way? 
  • Have you noticed discoloration, asymmetry, or lumps in your skin? 
  • Do you suffer from chronic pain in your lower back and thighs due to raw silicone injections in the past? 
  • Have you been diagnosed with autoimmune diseases since your silicone injections? 

The injection of raw silicone is illegal and often performed by unlicensed individuals inside and outside of the United States. The most common body areas for silicone injections are buttocks, lips, face, or breasts. Raw silicone leads to life-threatening complications, including cancer, autoimmune diseases, and even death. 

Removal of these illegal silicone injections can be done in safe and effective ways. Find an experienced, plastic surgeon to perform this plastic surgery procedure. Dr. J. Timothy Katzen, in Beverly Hills, CA, is a leader in silicone removal. Dr. Katzen has successfully removed silicone from hundreds of patients all over the world. 

Buttock “Enhancement” with Illegal Silicone Injections: 

Unlicensed individuals inject raw silicone in the buttocks, promising buttock projection, size, and an enhanced shape. Some people fall for this inexpensive path because the injection of silicone does not require surgery or anesthesia, compared to other buttock enhancement procedures, such as buttock implants. 

Why are Silicone Injections Dangerous? 

Silicone injections are illegal and are not FDA-approved. Unlicensed individuals perform silicone injections and fail to follow sterilization methods. Raw silicone does not belong in the body as it is unsafe and can lead to many complications such as deformity, chronic pain, infection, scarring, organ failure, elevated calcium levels, high blood pressure, or even death. If you have had silicone injections, prioritize your health by contacting Dr. Katzen to schedule a silicone removal consultation! 

How are Silicone Removal Procedures Performed? 

Silicone removal procedures should be performed in a certified surgery center or hospital with an experienced, plastic surgeon. There are two ways to remove silicone safely and effectively. However, do your research to select a plastic surgeon who has much experience with silicone removal. The two accepted methods of silicone removal are as follows:  

1. Ultrasound-Guided VASER-Assisted Silicone Suction (UVASS):  

Ultrasound-guided VASER-assisted silicone suction is an advanced technical procedure to remove silicone. First, UVASS uses ultrasound imaging to identify silicone in the body. Secondly, an incision about the size of a grain of rice is made. Thirdly, tumescent fluid is placed into the area. Tumescent fluid helps minimize pain and blood loss. Fourthly, the VASER instrument is used to precisely melt scar tissue that has formed around the silicone. Fifthly, the scar tissue and silicone are removed permanently using suction. 








2. Direct excision 

The direct excision method includes a bigger cut and scar that can be concealed under reasonable clothing. Dr. Katzen uses this method if silicone is in the muscle. This method will remove scar tissue, silicone, and diseased tissue, including fat, fascia, and muscle.  


before photo


after photo

How Can I Reconstruct my Buttocks after Silicone Removal?  

There are a few options for buttock reconstruction after silicone removal, if the patient wishes. Reconstruction options include buttock implants, fat transfer (BBL), or Sculptra to help restore volume and shape.  

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