Why You Should Say "No" to Silicone Injections When Considering Body Contouring

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen


  • We must warn patients about unapproved products that are falsely marketed, as they can cause serious health problems.
  • Silicone injected, by unlicensed individuals who lure patients and offer discounted body contouring methods, can cause severe harm and even life-threatening complications.
  • Chemicals/substances found in silicone are not FDA approved for medical use. They can lead to a host of complications.
  • Fortunately, there is a solution. Patients who received illegal and dangerous raw silicone injections can get them removed with the help of an experienced, plastic surgeon.

Recently, hazardous raw silicone injections and their difficult removal are making headlines. Silicone injections can lead to life-threatening complications. Many unlicensed individuals offer low-cost or discounted services to bring patients in and make money. Be aware that these off-label services are very dangerous and prohibited by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA stated the hazardous impact of silicone injection in their recent statement and issued a safety communication to warn consumers and healthcare practitioners.

plastic surgeon Dr. J. Timothy Katzen (a well-known and reputable name in Beverly Hills, CA) has been warning patients for years about the hazards of silicone injections. Dr. Katzen has written papers and given lectures about the complicated surgery required to remove silicone.

Thanks to Dr. J. Timothy Katzen, who has helped restore the health of many women and men from across the globe by performing this complex surgery and safely removing the silicone. During silicone removal, Dr. Katzen matches a patient’s body goals with unparalleled results.

What are Silicone Injections?

Silicone injections are used to add volume to specific body areas such as the face, cheeks, breasts, lips, buttocks, and genitalia. Silicone injections are very dangerous. The injection of silicone into the body is an illegal practice that has, unfortunately, become very prevalent.

Why You Should Say NO to Silicone Injections…

Silicone injections come with catastrophic risks. The internationally known and globally recognized plastic surgeon Dr. Timothy Katzen warns of the life-threatening risks involved with liquid silicone injections. Silicone is a permanent, synthetic substance that contains dangerous chemicals. This material is very unsafe and can lead to deformity, discoloration of the skin, health problems and even death. Thus, it is a core responsibility of a reputed medical/cosmetic service provider to warn their patients about silicone. Public awareness is key to stop the illicit practice of silicone injections. Injections of micro-droplets of silicone were given the greenlight in the ’90s for specific uses in ophthalmology (retinal detachment), however the use of silicone in the lips, breasts, and buttocks is strictly off-label.

Unfortunately, over time, the body forms scar tissue around the injected silicone. This scar tissue continuously grows, not the silicone. This leads to firmness, pain, and extreme discomfort for the patient. Further, silicone can migrate to other areas causing further harm and risk.

1. Injected silicone is different from the FDA-approved semi-solid silicone that is in breast, buttock, and facial implants.

Silicone-containing implants, like those approved by the FDA for the breast, buttock, and face are safe. The silicone in breast implants is not free-floating and is protected by the implant’s shell. In this capacity, the silicone is unable to migrate around the body and cause issues. Buttock and facial implants are semi-solid and not fully liquid. Therefore, the silicone cannot spread. The silicone that is injected in patients is free-floating and raw, which is extremely unsafe. Side effects of injected silicone include pain, scarring, tissue death, permanent disfigurement, sciatica, numbness, high blood pressure, anxiety, brain fog, weakness, fatigue, auto-immune conditions, thyroid problems, bleeding or clotting problems, kidney problems, organ failure, cancer, and death. Serious complications may occur right away or can take weeks, months, or even years to develop.

2. You can get silicone injections removed.

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen is a plastic and cosmetic surgeon who is known for successfully and safely removing silicone injections. His skill has helped reverse painful complications associated with these injections and restore confidence to his patients. The cost of silicone removal at his practice in Beverly Hills, CA, depends on the extent of the problem, amount of silicone to be removed, treatment site, and other factors. A private, confidential consultation is required to properly assess and plan for this procedure.

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Key Takeaways:

Do not get silicone injections. If you already have silicone injections, don’t sweat, as it can be removed by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. Once you have healed from the removal, you can safely have a reconstruction procedure to reshape the area of interest. Dr. Katzen suggests a minimum of four months or more to allow your body to heal before undergoing subsequent treatment.

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen offers the maximum aesthetic result after silicone removal, matching your goal of contouring while maintaining realistic expectations. Schedule a consultation to properly assess and plan which type of removal method is best for you.

Call TODAY to schedule a consultation. For your convenience, Dr. Katzen has offices in Beverly Hills, CA, Las Vegas, NV, and Dubai, UAE. Physical or virtual consultations can be arranged. Virtual consultation options include FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, and WhatsApp. Call TODAY at (310) 859-7770 or email [email protected] to schedule your consultation and achieve your dream buttock, breast, face, or lips after silicone removal.

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