Sick and Tired of Excess Back Fat? Consider Liposuction


You've worked very hard to achieve your goal weight. You eat healthy foods and stay away from those indulgences that pack on the pounds, and you make sure you are active. That's all well and good, but you're still not satisfied with your figure. You have excess back fat that won't respond to all your efforts. You're tired of looking at those back bulges every time you see yourself in the mirror. Stop wearing baggy shirts all the time to hide your bothersome back fat. Back liposuction may offer you a solution.

Let Back Liposuction Transform Your Body

Liposuction has helped people sculpt their bodies for decades. It is a surgical way to get rid of pesky, stubborn fat that is resistant to diet and fitness. During your procedure, Dr. Katzen skillfully removes excess fat from the area of concern. If your problem area is your back, this area can be effectively addressed with liposuction.

Why Choose Liposuction to Eliminate Your Back Fat?

You can push yourself to the limit every day in the gym and eat salads. however, you still may not be able to get rid of that stubborn fat which clings to your body in some of the most annoying places. When you have done everything, you can to get rid of unwanted fat, and nothing else has worked, liposuction could help you to go the distance. Feel better about yourself and look better with some help from our talented plastic surgeon, Dr. Katzen.

Is Liposuction the Right Choice for You?

Liposuction is not a magic wand that will make all your fat go away. If you need to lose weight, you should first consider a balanced diet plan and fitness regimen. You also need to understand that your results will only last as long as you are willing to work to maintain them. You need to continue to follow a healthy diet plan and follow a lifestyle that involves physical fitness to make sure that excess fat does not creep up on you again.

Find Out How Liposuction Can Transform Your Body

To learn more about this procedure and how it can help you to make your unwanted back fat go away, make an appointment at the office of Dr. J. Timothy Katzen. Dr. Katzen has offices in Beverly Hills and Las Vegas. During your meeting with Dr. Katzen, the two of you will discuss your health history and determine if you are a good candidate for back liposuction. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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