The Incredible Effects of a Circumferential Body Lift


There is no doubt exercising and dieting are very important for losing weight. If you have lost a substantial amount of weight, however, these measures will not help you with the sagging and drooping skin often left behind. Once the elasticity in your skin has been lost, your skin is unable to bounce back to your former shape. This is when it becomes necessary to have surgery to resolve the issue. The circumferential body lift, also known as the 360 lower body lift, effectively targets numerous areas showing the signs of dramatic weight loss. This may be the ideal procedure if you have excess skin on your upper and lower abdomen, buttocks, hips and lower back. The benefit of a 360 lower body lift is the taut and firm body you desire.

In addition to your abdomen, the circumferential body lift removes the extra skin from numerous different areas. The result of a 360 lower body lift provides you with a more proportionate and uniform figure while greatly decreasing the need for another surgery in the future. During your 360 body lift, the loose skin on both the back and the front of your body will be addressed. Numerous individuals have experienced massive weight loss after bariatric surgery. Although many attain their desired weight, they also had a lot of loose skin left behind. This procedure is highly customizable to fit your needs.

The best candidates for this surgery have experienced a significant loss in weight and kept their weight stable. The ideal candidates for the circumferential body lift include individuals who:

• Do not smoke

• Have maintained a stable weight for three consecutive months

• Have set realistic goals

• Are in overall good physical and mental health

• Have excess, sagging skin resulting from weight loss

It is important you have realistic goals and clear understanding of the specifics of the procedure prior to undergoing a circumferential body lift. This surgery will provide you with invaluable assistance for getting your body into the shape you desire. It is important to exercise and follow a healthy diet after your procedure to maintain your results.

The Process of the Circumferential Body Lift

Typically, the circumferential lower body lift takes six to eight hours to perform. In most instances the extra tissue and skin from the back of your derriere, love handles, and around your waist are removed. Your underlying musculature and tissue will be tightened. Often, liposuction is used to accentuate an hour glass shape. The final result is a more firm, contoured, and aesthetically pleasing shape. If you are interested in a circumferential body lift, consider visiting the office of Dr. J. Timothy Katzen in Beverly Hills or Las Vegas. Contact Dr. Katzen today to schedule your 360 circumferential body lift consultation!

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