Tips On Recovering From A 360 Lower Body Lift

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen


The weeks and months after losing a significant amount of weight can be some of the most hopeful and exhilarating times you have had in what seems like ages. You are able to shop for a new style of clothes and engage in activities that were previously uncomfortable or off limits. The sense of hope and newfound freedom can be an empowering force in your life. For many men and women though, the excitement of this time is dampened by the excess skin and stubborn fat that is often present after significant weight loss. Loose, sagging skin can hold you back from finally wearing your goal outfit or make your new hobbies and physical pursuits uncomfortable.

Fortunately, plastic surgeon Dr. J. Timothy Katzen offers Beverly Hills patients a highly effective solution for removing excess skin and dramatically

recontouring the body following weight loss. Using his trademark 360 circumferential incision technique for which he has become world-renowned, Dr. Katzen is able to maximize the amount of skin, tissue, and fat that can be safely removed to produce stunning results. As one of the leaders and most sought-after surgeons for after weight loss surgery and body lift procedures, Dr. Katzen takes great pride in providing the most exceptional and personal level of patient care from day one to recovery and a final physical and emotional transformation.

What is the 360 lower body lift recovery like?

While the 360 lower body lift is safe and highly effective – addressing the abdomen,

thighs, hips, buttocks, and back – it is still considered a major invasive surgery that

requires extensive healing time. Aside from the kinds of results they can expect, one of the most common questions from patients considering the procedure is what to expect during the 360 lower body lift recovery. It is important to ask these questions, have realistic expectations, and be prepared for a lengthy recovery process during which you will require a fair amount of outside help. Some of the noteworthy aspects of lower body lift recovery include:

Discomfort: In the first 24-48 hours after surgery, patients stay in a hospital or medical facility to be monitored and to control their pain. Because of the long incisions and invasiveness of the procedure, pain and discomfort are to be expected. Dr. Katzen and the caring and professional team at J. Timothy Katzen, M.D. Beverly Hills are committed to keeping patients as comfortable as possible through a variety of pain control methods. Over the next several weeks as your pain begins to subside, it may be recommended that you switch to over-the-counter medications.

Swelling: Patients should expect a significant amount of swelling and fluid retention.

Dr. Katzen will advise you on specific compression garments to wear throughout your recovery to help control swelling and ensure a beautiful result. Expect to wear your garment for at least six weeks or longer until the swelling subsides.

Limited mobility: A 360 lower body lift is a major surgery which affects a large portion of the body including the areas around many of the core muscles. Normally it takes patients at least two weeks to resume routine daily activities and can take up to 4-6 weeks to resume driving and more complex physical activities. Dr. Katzen will advise you on when it is safe to return to strenuous activities such as exercise and heavy lifting, but in general, patients should plan for a lengthy period of limited activity.

What are some tips for an easy 360 lower body lift recovery?

While there is no true way to accelerate up the healing process after a body lift procedure, there are certainly some practices that will help the recovery process be as smooth and comfortable as possible while also giving you the best chances for complete healing and an ideal outcome. Some of these include:

Following Dr. Katzen’s orders: Without a doubt, the best thing you can do is to strictly follow Dr. Katzen’s postoperative instructions. This will include taking your prescribed and over-the-counter medications as directed and adhering to any physical or lifestyle restrictions, among other things.

Wearing compression garments: One of the most effective tools for healing after a 360 lower body lift recovery is wearing the compression garments. The knowledgeable and experienced aesthetic team at J. Timothy Katzen, M.D. Beverly Hills will thoroughly discuss when, where, and how often to wear your compression garments, and it is important to follow this routine as directed.

Plan ahead: With considerably limited mobility for the first 1-2 week, it is

essential that you make plans to have help. In the first several days after your surgery, you will likely still be groggy from anesthesia and extremely tired from the procedure. Having a trusted friend, relative, or partner to help with things like managing your medication schedule and helping you to the restroom are imperative. Even after the first several weeks, daily tasks will still be uncomfortable and/or impossible, so extended help should be arranged. This is especially true in the case of patients who have small children.

Don’t rush it: As the final step in what has already been a long transformative weight

loss process, waiting for the results to be visible after a 360 body lift can seem impossible.

It is crucial to allow yourself ample time to rest and recover fully to ensure that you heal properly and achieve an ideal outcome. Prepare yourself with realistic expectations that lower body lift recovery is going to be a long and sometimes uncomfortable or frustrating process, but that the results will be more than worth it.

How do I get started with a 360 lower body lift?

If you think a lower body lift may be right for you, the first step is to be evaluated by a qualified, certified, and skilled physician. plastic surgeon and body lift expert Dr. J. Timothy Katzen can assess your case, determine whether you are a candidate for the procedure, and tell you more about how his unique 360 body lift

technique can give you life-changing results. Call our convenient Beverly Hills office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Katzen today, and begin the final step in your dramatic weight loss transformation.









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