Top 4 Reasons to Wear a Compression Garment After Plastic Surgery

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen


“Wearing a compression garment after plastic surgery influences your outcomes and results!”

• A compression garment is highly recommended after a body contouring or body lift. 

• Compression garments protect incision sites and help flatten the scar. 

• Compression minimizes swelling, pain, fibrosis, inflammation, and fluid build-up.

A compression garment is a key element in the final results of a plastic surgery procedure, especially after a body lift or liposuction. The garment provides compression, which minimizes swelling and fluid accumulation. Additionally, the compression garment helps to flatten the scar to provide optimal results. Compression garments are required for about 6-8 weeks after plastic surgery. If you have continued swelling, you may need to wear your garments longer. The compression allows for enhanced body contour.

plastic surgeon, Dr. J. Timothy Katzen requires medical-grade compression garments for a majority of his patients after plastic surgery, depending on the procedure. 

What are compression garments? 

Compression garments are made of elastic fabric (lycra or latex). Patients should be measured prior to their plastic surgery procedure to identify the right size. As the patient heals and swelling subsides, the patient will go down one size to ensure that there is still proper compression. 

What surgery needs a compression garment to be worn?

The following plastic surgeries procedures require compression garments: 

• Tummy Tuck 

• Circumferential Body Lift

• Thigh Lift

• Liposuction

• Mastectomy for Gynecomastia

Why Should You Wear Compression Garment? 

Top 4 Reasons:

1. The compression garment helps reduce pain.

A compression garment plays a significant role in reducing pain after a plastic surgery procedure. The compression garment also reduces post-procedural fluid build-up, bruising, fibrosis, and inflammation. 

Note: “If a patient doesn’t wear a compression garment after surgery, it will affect the desired result. Pressure garment has a key role in achieving the desired body contour.” 

2. The compression garment enhances body contour.

Applying pressure/compression on the treated area provides better body contour. In addition, compression garments help your skin contract to its new shape, which is specifically important for achieving optimal body contouring results. 

3. The compression garment helps minimize swelling. 

Compression garments help minimize swelling by applying constant pressure, which prevents excessive fluid build-up and accelerates fluid absorption by the body. 

4. Compression garment improves circulation. 

Inadequate blood circulation may occur post-surgery, which increases the chance of blood clot formation. Compression garments help minimize the risk. 


Patients who undergo plastic surgery, especially body lift or liposuction, should wear compression garments. Compression garments help achieve better contour and improves the recovery process by minimizing swelling, pain, and fluid build-up. 

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