Top 5 Benefits of Getting a Facelift

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen


Getting a facelift is an excellent option for a patient who wants a more youthful appearance and natural-looking results. While there are facelift alternatives that are available, this procedure is tried-and-true, which is why Dr. Katzen recommends it so highly to many of our patients.

However, what are the benefits of a facelift, and why does it come so highly recommended? That is what we would like to discuss today.

1. A Facelift Will Boost Your Self-Confidence

As we get older, it is natural for our faces to begin to sag and form wrinkles and fine lines. While there are many people who embrace the aging process, for others, it can cause serious problems with their self-confidence.

Undergoing a facelift should offer a tremendous self-confidence boost. When you feel more comfortable with your appearance, that confidence will shine through both in your professional and personal life. Imagine no longer feeling nervous about speaking with your clients or co-workers because you are worried they may judge you based on your appearance. You may even find that your social life improves because you will feel confident when you go out with your friends.

2. A Facelift Rejuvenates the Face

The aging process can be cruel for many of our patients, making them appear tired. At Dr. Katzen’s office, we often hear our patients state that they feel younger than they look.

If that describes how you feel, a facelift may be an excellent choice to rejuvenate your face, giving you a more youthful appearance. A facelift will address the sagging skin that causes that tired look too.

3. Facelifts Eliminate Deep Creases

Many of our patients try multiple products, such as anti-aging creams and lotions, as a way to improve the look of deep creases on their faces. There are some products on the market today that do offer minimal help for these problem areas. However, they do not completely make the creases disappear.

Undergoing a facelift will minimize those unsightly deep creases on your face that make you feel self-conscious. Many of our patients have such stellar results after their facelifts that it appears we turned the clock back a decade or more.

4. Facelifts Tighten Your Neck, Face, and Jaw All at Once

If you are like many of our patients, you may have more than one problem area on your face that causes you to appear older or more tired. If that is the case, a facelift might be the right option for you.

A facelift will tighten your face, jaw, and neck all at the same time. With just one procedure, almost every issue will be addressed. A facelift is a convenient solution to solve many aging problems at one time.

5. A Facelift Will Get Rid of Your Double Chin

As both men and women age, the skin at the chin may begin to sag and cause them to have a double chin. Double chins are common, even if the patient has not recently gained a significant amount of weight. However, that does not mean you have to live with having a double chin for the rest of your life.

A facelift, particularly a lower facelift with a necklift, might be exactly what you need to eliminate your double chin. A facelift and combined necklift address both the chin and the neck. For many patients, this combined plastic surgery procedure also tightens the jowl area. If most of your issues with your appearance are centered on the lower part of your face, we highly recommend a facelift and combined necklift.

What Type of Facelift is Right for You?

Dr. Katzen understands that every patient is different. Every patient deserves a personalized treatment plan when it comes to a facelift. There are several options available, depending on your specific needs.

Full Facelift

With a full facelift, Dr. Katzen will make a hairline incision that extends from the temples to the bottom of the ear. The muscles and facial tissues are carefully pulled and tightened, which results in a “lifted” appearance.

A full facelift is an excellent choice for patients who have signs of advanced aging. Depending on the patient’s individual needs, Dr. Katzen may recommend combining a full facelift with other procedures for even better results.

Mini Facelift

A mini facelift offers subtle, natural-looking results. This option is excellent for patients who may not have extreme signs of aging, but want to look younger.

During a mini facelift, Dr. Katzen will make small incisions around the patient’s ears. The skin is lifted into a higher position to improve the look of the jawline, jowls, and mouth.

Lower Facelift

As mentioned previously, a lower facelift is an excellent treatment option for patients who have concerns about the appearance of their chin and neck. In some cases, a lower facelift may also improve the look of the jowls too.

Depending on your needs, Dr. Katzen may also recommend a neck lift with a lower facelift, which will produce even more dramatic results.


A mid-facelift is similar to a mini facelift. Dr. Katzen will make incisions around the ears and focus mainly on the areas close to the cheekbones and upper jaw. A mid-facelift will also address the appearance of the jowls.

Are There Facelift Alternatives?

Yes, there are alternatives to getting a facelift, and Dr. Katzen will be happy to discuss all of your options with you at your consultation. Most patients find that a surgical facelift works best to help them reach their goals. Dr. Katzen and you will decide which procedure is right for you.

Talk with Dr. Katzen About Getting a Facelift

If you have been considering getting a facelift, we hope you found it helpful to learn about the many benefits this procedure offers. Dr. Katzen is currently scheduling consultations for patients who are interested in facelifts. If you have questions, he is more than happy to answer them.

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