Top 9 Reasons to Have a Thigh Lift

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen


Many people find themselves with excess sagging skin on the thighs. This can happen after losing significant weight, either through bariatric surgery or major lifestyle changes. It can be disappointing to finally achieve your goal weight, only to find that your body is still holding you back. Aging and pregnancy are two other common causes of excess thigh skin.

No cream, pill, or exercise can address the problem of excess thigh skin. Nonsurgical procedures can help somewhat but are not able to offer “real” results. The only effective way to get rid of the excess thigh skin is through a surgical procedure known as a thigh lift, thigh reduction, or thighplasty.

During a thigh lift, Dr. Katzen removes excess skin and carefully sculpts the remaining tissue to create a more sleek and smooth appearance to the thigh. Usually, the thigh lift procedure includes thigh liposuction. During thigh liposuction, unwanted deposits of fat tissue are removed using a suction device to create a more attractive thigh shape. After thigh liposuction, incisions are made to remove excess thigh skin. This is sometimes known as a thigh lift and reduction.

Decisions about plastic surgery are very personal, and there are many reasons someone might choose to have a thigh lift/reduction.

Dr. Katzan

This female 44-year-old patient was unhappy with the excess skin and fat in her thighs. She had lost over 100 lbs with a gastric sleeve.

Dr. Katzan

Reasons to Have a Thigh Lift

1. A thigh lift can eliminate skin rashes.

Thigh skin folds stay moist. It is very easy for bacteria and fungus to grow inside these folds. Because of this, it is common for people with excess sagging skin to find themselves getting frequent skin rashes. This tends to be both unsightly and uncomfortable. Also, these thigh fold skin infections can cause foul odors.

Removing the excess skin through a thigh lift helps address this problem by leaving a smooth skin surface open to the air. A thigh lift can eliminate skin folds and thus make thigh rashes much less likely to develop.

2. A thigh lift can eliminate chafing.

Similarly, inner thigh skin folds tend to rub together and create chafing. This can be very uncomfortable and interfere with walking, exercising, and other movements. Often, chafing limits a person’s physical activities since exercise becomes quickly painful.

By removing the excess skin, a thigh lift helps to address the issue of chafing. A thigh lift can allow patients to do any physical activity without worrying about inner thigh skin and chafing.

3. A thigh lift can increase your confidence

For many people, excess sagging skin on the thighs can make them feel self-conscious. These people may even avoid situations where their thighs might be visible to others, such as going to the beach or the pool.

Undergoing a thigh lift can help increase your self-confidence. By permanently eliminating unsightly thigh skin, a thigh lift often improves a person’s self-esteem and confidence. For those who have been struggling with stubborn fat deposits that affect the appearance of their thighs, a thigh lift with liposuction can also address this issue. After the procedure, most patients no longer feel limited and have increased self-esteem.

4. A thigh lift can correct cosmetic deformities.

Many patients who lose a significant amount of weight lose weight to look and feel better. Even if health was the main goal, most people are excited to look better after weight loss. It can be very disappointing to finally reach your goal weight, only to find yourself with folds of hanging skin instead of the toned and athletic body you were seeking.

Dr. Katzen will remove excess sagging inner thigh skin during a thigh lift. The remaining tissue is tightened to create an attractive thigh contour. If there are any unwanted fat deposits that have stubbornly clung through the overall weight loss, these can also be removed during the procedure through thigh liposuction. The thigh reduction allows patients to finally achieve their “dream body” and helps them complete their weight loss journey.

5. A thigh lift can make clothing fit better.

Excess thigh skin can constrain your clothing choices. For example, it can be hard to wear leggings when sagging folds of thigh skin are getting in the way. Many people find that they must wear loose or baggy clothing because of their excess thigh skin and fat.

After a thigh lift, many people find that they are able to wear clothing that they could not wear before the procedure. The thigh lift allows for more clothing options. A thigh lift will enable patients to wear whatever they want rather than work around all those folds of thigh skin.

6. A thigh lift can increase your ability to exercise.

Because of issues like chafing, clothing restrictions, and self-consciousness, many people with excess skin find it difficult to exercise. Even though they know that exercise would help them look and feel better, the issues related to their excess thigh skin can get in the way.

A thigh lift can help to address these physical barriers. You will need to rest for a few weeks after your procedure while your body heals. Once you are cleared for exercise, you may be more active than before your thigh lift.

Being able to exercise can become an upward spiral for your appearance and your health. After your thigh lift, you may find yourself more physically active. As you exercise more, your body becomes more toned and attractive. Also, you may find yourself feeling better and having more energy. Increased energy can lead to exercising more and even help you develop other healthy habits, like eating better and sleeping more. For many people, a thigh lift can trigger an upward spiral in health and well-being.

7. A thigh lift will permanently eliminate loose skin.

Often, excess skin on the thigh is very loose. This loose skin can shift uncomfortably as you change positions. You may find yourself constantly adjusting your thighs to find a comfortable position. For many patients, this constant shifting is an uncomfortable distraction.

During a thigh lift, Dr. Katzen removes this excess loose skin and tightens the remaining tissue to create a smooth contour to the thigh. This procedure eliminates the shifting of loose tissue, freeing patients from thinking about this uncomfortable issue.

8. A thigh lift will permanently eliminate fat.

The thighs are a common area where fat deposits tend to accumulate. These fat pockets can be stubbornly resistant to efforts to remove them through diet and exercise. Genetics plays a significant role in deciding where your body stores fat. Some people find that their body collects fat tissue in particular areas even when they are at a healthy weight.

The thigh lift procedure itself only removes excess skin and fat. During almost all thigh reductions, Dr. Katzen includes thigh liposuction as part of the procedure. Adding thigh liposuction to a thigh lift gives patients an opportunity to get rid of any stubborn fat tissue and allows Dr. Katzen to sculpt the thigh to achieve the best possible cosmetic results.

9. A thigh lift will eliminate cellulite.

Cellulite is the lumpy, dimpled look of the skin that develops over time. Cellulite is very common on the thighs, and it can be a very frustrating issue for many people because there are so few effective ways to remove cellulite permanently.

Because a thigh lift tightens the skin, a thigh lift is one of the few effective ways to reduce or even eliminate cellulite significantly. Dr. Katzen uses signature surgical techniques during your thigh lift to help eliminate cellulite. If this is a concern for you, then you should mention it during your consultation. This allows Dr. Katzen to create the proper surgical plan to achieve your goals.

Bonus reason #10: A thigh lift can improve intimacy.

It just did not seem right to finish the list without mentioning it. Between improved self-confidence and increased ability to exercise, it is not surprising that there are significant benefits to a person’s love life after a thigh lift. Although you will need to take off a few weeks from physical intimacy right after the procedure while your body heals, many people find that they are far more interested in bedroom activities after the healing period is completed. Smaller thighs can have enormous benefits for people’s relationships and overall happiness and satisfaction with life.

Are you considering a thigh lift and thigh liposuction?

If you are bothered by excess sagging skin on your thighs, you may be considering a thigh lift. You must seek out a highly qualified, experienced, plastic surgeon for your procedure. Great surgical technique is necessary to create the best possible results.

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