Top 7 Points You Must Know About Tummy Tuck Surgery

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen


  •  Do you wish to achieve an hourglass shape of your abdomen? 
  • Do you want a flatter tummy, but can’t achieve it and are still struggling with post-weight-loss effects? 
  • Do you want a flat abdomen and appealing body contour? 

No worries, you have landed on the right page! Your top questions and doubts about tummy tuck surgery will be addressed in this article. Tummy tuck surgery is a popular choice among plastic surgery patients. Many individuals across the globe struggle with belly fat or loose skin and wish for an aesthetic solution with body contouring. Tummy tuck surgery is considered one of the most sophisticated and result-proven cosmetic procedures. A tummy tuck requires extreme aesthetic skill and surgical precision. Only plastic surgeons should be allowed to perform this procedure. 

What is Tummy Tuck Surgery? 

The tummy tuck is a highly beneficial plastic surgery for both women and men. A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is the mainstay for body contouring. Tummy tucks help women achieve a contoured abdominal profile with an hourglass shape and is a vital aspect of the “mommy makeover” after childbirth or post-pregnancy. Men seek out this surgery to restore confidence through body appearance and often request a washboard/six-pack abdomen. If you are considering this surgery, schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Katzen! 

Scientific definition:  

A tummy tuck is known as an abdominoplasty. This procedure removes excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen, tightens the rectus abdominal muscle and fascia of the abdominal wall, and restores an appealing contour. 

Top 7 Points You Must Know About Tummy Tuck Surgery are Described Below:   

1. Who is the right candidate?  

To undergo tummy tuck surgery, the interested candidate must be in good health and maintain a stable weight. Patients are advised to quit smoking for a few months before and after the procedure for optimal healing and to achieve the best results. Most tummy tuck candidates have loose or sagging abdominal skin. Therefore, choosing a highly qualified, experienced, and dexterous plastic surgeon like Dr. Katzen is wise to achieve the best outcomes.  

2. You can expect to have some discomforts during your healing. 

Swelling, discomfort, and limited mobility are normal for the first week after tummy tuck surgery. Usually, mild to moderate levels of pain lasts for a couple of days. After that, pain is effectively managed with pain medications. Bruising may last for 1-2 weeks. There aren’t any dietary restrictions, however we suggest a high-protein diet for optimal healing. Pressure garments are required for a minimum of 6 weeks to minimize pain, swelling, and other complications.  

3. When can I resume physical activities after tummy tuck surgery? 

In most cases, the patient can begin walking the same day of surgery. Usually, seated, office work is allowed after 2 weeks. Wait about 7-10 days before driving. Everyone’s body and healing vary, but it may take several weeks to months before it is safe to resume strenuous activities. The recovery from tummy tuck surgery varies from patient to patient depending on the type of the procedure, a patient's overall health, and the extent of surgery/number of procedures performed.  

4. Results will be visible immediately. 

The initial improvement of tummy tuck surgery is immediate. However, the final results can take up to 6 months. Scars will begin to fade with time, after swelling subsides.  

5. Scars are minimal with exceptional care and aesthetic skills of the surgeon and your post-operative care. 

The plastic surgeon’s skill and experience can influence scars. The precision and extreme aesthetic sense of the plastic surgeon is reflected in the incisions they make. The expert plastic surgeon makes a thin and precise incision that is camouflaged by the body's natural lines, or easily concealed under swimsuits and undergarments.  

6. Choose only a plastic surgeon. 

Suppose you want to achieve your dream figure and are interested in tummy tuck surgery. To achieve optimal results, choose a plastic surgeon. Only highly qualified, experienced, and dexterous surgeons should be allowed to perform tummy tuck surgery. It is a highly customized procedure that can vary from patient to patient. The chosen plastic surgeon’s skill can also influence the results and recovery timeline. It requires exceptional care, incredible aesthetic sense, and surgical precision to meet the desired result.  

7. Fat rarely comes back in the abdominal area. 

The good thing is that fat doesn't grow back in the abdominal area after tummy tuck surgery. In most cases, fat cells can increase in size, but do not multiply, which is an excellent benefit of tummy tuck surgery.

before and after
before and after
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Scheduling a consultation is essential for Dr. Katzen to make a proper assessment and plan. The result of the procedure may vary based on the patient's anatomical profile and personal goals.

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