Unhappy with Your Lip Augmentation? Consider Silicone Injection Removal


There are many adequate and approved ways to get fuller, more beautiful lips. However, if you received silicone lip injections for your lip augmentation, you may find yourself in a bit of trouble now. When you were going for fuller lips, you most likely imagined something that looked completely natural, symmetrical and as if it belonged to your face. However, you may not have realized that silicone was not the way to go. Thankfully, with silicone injection removal, you may be able to get your lips back to how you would like them to look and can feel more like yourself once again.

Problems with Silicone Lip Augmentations

A silicone lip injection is never appropriate. Practitioners that perform these are either using non sterile commercial-grade silicone, or medical-grade silicone, which is not approved for use in the lips. While you may be aware of silicone implants that are used in other areas of the body, you should be aware that these are not liquid silicone injections, but are instead implants that have been filled with silicone. Numerous problems can occur due to silicone lip augmentations. One common problem is the formation of granulomas. These granulomas are hard bumps that can form around the silicone as a foreign body reaction. Your body attacks the silicone because it is a foreign substance, and wraps it into small, hard balls. You may also end up with inflammation, discoloration in the injected area and deformed lips.

Silicone Injection Removal

Thankfully, unwanted liquid silicone can be removed through a surgical cosmetic process. While this is not necessarily an easy surgery, the results will be well worth the time and effort. With silicone injection removal, you can see your own lips again, can get rid of lumps and bumps that look completely unnatural and get rid of any discomfort that may have been caused by your body attacking the liquid silicone. Dr. J. Timothy Katzen can access the unwanted silicone in a surgical process known as excision. In some cases, Dr. Katzen may also be able to remove the lumps of silicone with suction. With a great deal of hard work and intricate care, Dr. Katzen will carefully try to remove every last bit of silicone that he can find. In many cases, Dr. Katzen can remove nearly all cases. If you are unhappy with your raw silicone injection lip augmentation, Dr. Katzen can help you learn to love your gorgeous lips again with silicone injection removal. Dr. Katzen has offices conveniently located in Las Vegas, NV and Beverly Hills, CA. Contact Dr. Katzen today to schedule your consultation!

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