Use a Medial Thigh Lift to Achieve Your Goals


What goals have you accomplished as far as your health and appearance are concerned? What future goals do you have? Many people want to be at a healthy weight, have a firm and toned body, and feel attractive. Unfortunately, even after some people have reached their weight loss goals, they still do not like the way their body looks. It is common for individuals to deal with sagging skin on their thighs after weight loss. If this is a problem you are facing, we invite you to see how you can use the medial thigh lift to achieve your goals.

What Is a Medial Thigh Lift?

A medial thigh lift is a procedure that is designed to address loose skin and sagging folds on the inner thighs. A medial thigh lift is a plastic surgery procedure that will also lift and reduce the thigh skin. The goal is to give you thighs that are firm and shapely. Usually, this procedure will make you look more youthful and help you to feel more confident, especially when you wear shorts or skirts. When you visit Dr. J. Timothy Katzen for your initial thigh lift consultation, you may be able to explore the idea of having liposuction performed with your medial thigh lift.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

To enjoy the benefits that come from a medial thigh lift procedure, you must be a good candidate. A medial thigh lift is usually the right option for individuals who are concerned about the appearance of their thighs and have not been able to achieve their goals with just exercise and diet. A medial thigh lift procedure will address soft tissue and unwanted skin on the inner part of the thighs. Where would you say you are on your weight loss journey? Would you say that you are at the end of your journey and have been able to maintain a stable weight for at least three months? If so, this procedure may be right for you. It is better for you to do as much as you can to lose weight on your own and then have the medial thigh lift surgery performed after your weight is stable. You must enjoy overall good health to experience the benefits that come from a medial thigh lift. You want to be physically healthy and psychologically healthy. It is not a wise idea to have a surgical procedure performed to please others. You must also have realistic expectations for what the procedure can do for you.

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If your goal is to have thighs that are thin, shapely, and youthful looking, a medial thigh lift may be the right option for you. Dr. Katzen is interested in helping his patients reach their goals. Dr. Katzen has offices in Beverly Hills, CA and Las Vegas, NV. Contact him today to schedule your consultation!

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