What Are The Top Benefits of VASER High-Definition Arm Liposuction?

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen


• Do you have excess upper arm fat?

• Do you do biceps and triceps curls, but fail to achieve your desired arm results?

• Do you wish to achieve more toned, lean, or even muscular arms?

VASER high-definition arm liposuction is the best option for men and women looking to define their upper arms. Unfortunately, losing biceps and triceps fat is very difficult. In addition, fat upper arms respond very slowly to diet and exercise.

VASER high-definition arm liposuction is a revolutionary procedure that melts upper arm fat and tightens the arm skin. The results are two-fold: 1) permanent elimination of arm fat and 2) shrink-wrapping of the overlying arm skin to expose the underlying biceps and triceps. The result is a contoured arm profile.

VASER high-definition arm liposuction is a trendy procedure for men and women in Beverly Hills, CA, Las Vegas, NV, and Dubai, UAE. Liposuction is one of the most sought-after procedures, right after breast augmentation. Although not many people know about VASER high-definition arm liposuction, this procedure is rapidly gaining attention and popularity.

What is Arm Liposuction?

Traditional arm liposuction is a plastic surgery procedure used to remove upper arm excess fat and achieve contoured arms. Since traditional arm liposuction can treat lipedema, arm liposuction offers both aesthetic and medical benefits. Lipedema is a medical condition in which lymph fluid accumulates, leading to swelling and localized fat pain.

What is VASER High-Definition Arm Contouring?

VASER high-definition arm liposuction is a highly selective form of liposuction which targets the arm to produce prominent, muscular arms. The VASER melts the stubborn fat cells trapped between the biceps, triceps, and deltoid. As a result, fat from the arms is permanently removed, revealing the underlying muscle structure. In addition, muscle etching with the VASER helps optimize arm contour and provides patients with circumferential, high-definition arm results.

How Does VASER Liposuction Work?

VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance and is a state-of-art technology to remove deep, trapped, resistant fat. VASER utilizes ultrasound technology to dislodge fat cells and remove the fat through a process called cavitation. The primary goal behind VASER liposuction is to contour and sculpt areas by removing excess fat. VASER high-definition arm liposuction is an arm fat elimination, muscle definition procedure, not a weight-loss procedure. VASER high-definition arm liposuction is performed to contour and sculpt the arms. The VASER has been used on other parts of the body like the abdomen (to create 6-pack abs), hips (to create an hourglass figure), and calves (to create muscular gastrocs).

The VASER Procedure

VASER uses high-frequency, resonant, ultrasonic energy to break up fat from connective tissue gently. The VASER does two key things that no other form of liposuction can achieve: melting of fat and heating the skin. Because of the VASER's thermal qualities, the VASER melts and liquefies the fat. This permanently destroys the fat and allows for easier removal with the next step, liposuction. After the VASER has been applied, the arms are suctioned and sculpted with liposuction. Again, because of the heat that the VASER generates, the VASER heats the undersurface of the skin. This results in skin contraction, maximizing underlying muscle definition.

Top Benefits of VASER High-Definition Arm Liposuction

1. Achieve circumferential high-definition arm results

VASER allows Dr. Katzen to deliver high-definition, sculpted arm results. With this technique, Dr. Katzen can define your deltoids, biceps, and triceps. In addition, VASER high-definition arm liposuction tightens the skin of the upper arms without a big scar. Therefore, surgical incisions are camouflaged effectively.

2. Achieve your desired result of sculpted biceps, prominent triceps, and chiseled deltoids

VASER high-definition arm liposuction results in solid, muscular arms.

3. Permanently eliminate arm fat

With VASER high-definition arm liposuction, you can achieve desired results by removing upper arm fat without a long incision. This is the most significant benefit of a VASER high-definition arm liposuction. As an added benefit of fat removal, muscles can be sculpted and highlighted in areas such as the anterior and posterior deltoid groove and the muscle bellies of the triceps and biceps.


Overall, VASER high-definition arm liposuction is the best way to sculpt the arms. Only experienced, expert plastic surgeons like Dr. Katzen should perform this procedure. This technique requires extreme aesthetic sense and surgical precision to meet the desired results. This is a generally safe procedure, but a plastic surgeon must evaluate one before undergoing this procedure.

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