What is a SMAS Facelift: Top 4 Tips for Deciding if You are the Right Candidate

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen


"A SMAS facelift can create a younger and tighter appearance by addressing sagging facial and neck skin, excess fat in the jowls, and loss of volume in the cheeks!"

• Are you experiencing the inevitable consequences of facial and neck aging?
• Do you wish for a more youthful face and chiseled neck/jawline?
• Are you concerned about neck folds and bands?
• Do you want to enjoy the very natural results of facelift surgery?

The points mentioned above highlight the need for SMAS facelift surgery. The SMAS facelift surgery is a more permanent facelift than traditional facelift surgery. The SMAS facelift offers a lifted face, restoration of the cheek, removal of neck fat, and creation of a defined jaw and neckline.

What is a SMAS Facelift Surgery?

SMAS facelift surgery tightens facial muscles to address sagging cheeks, excess fat in the neck and jowls, loss of volume in cheeks, and other signs of aging. The SMAS facelift targets the lower two-thirds of the face. In addition, it addresses signs of aging. The SMAS facelift produces natural and aesthetic results. SMAS is an acronym of the superficial musculoaponeurotic system. The SMAS facelift technique involves lifting the SMAS in the face. During the SMAS surgery, the SMAS is lifted vertically and horizontally. That means the face is lifted up and back. One of the benefits of SMAS surgery over a traditional facelift is, based on a strong, deep SMAS layer. Whereas during a conventional facelift, the tension is just on the skin. During a SMAS facelift, the stress is placed on the deeper and stronger layer, namely the SMAS. Since the longevity of the facelift is based on the tension over time. Since the SMAS is stronger than the skin, the SMAS facelift holds up much longer than a traditional facelift.

How is a SMAS facelift surgery performed?

A complete SMAS facelift involves both the face and neck. The SMAS is considered the best option to address aging facial and neck skin and muscles. However, it requires superb surgical precision and aesthetic understanding. Therefore, your chosen plastic surgeon must be experienced in performing the SMAS facelift correctly to achieve desired natural and long-lasting results.

Dr. Katzen is a highly trained and experienced plastic surgeon. Dr. Katzen thoroughly understands the delicate facial anatomy. In addition, Dr. Katzen is very experienced in SMAS facelift surgery and will use his surgical skills and artistry to create a beautiful, natural SMAS facelift result.

The SMAS facelift incision is much like a small, upside-down horseshoe around the ear. The SMAS facelift incision starts in the front of the ear, extends down to the earlobe, and then up behind the ear. Then, the skin is separated from the SMAS. Finally, the SMAS is raised and elevated with sutures. The excess skin is removed, the incision is closed, and a facelift dressing is applied. SMAS facelift provides an effective means of suspending the soft tissues of the face beyond simply tightening the skin. As a result, the SMAS facelift creates the desired tighter and lifted facial definition. The goals of facial rejuvenation surgery are achieved by pulling the SMAS layer and trimming and re-draping the facial skin.

How to decide if you are the right candidate for a SMAS facelift: Top 4 Tips:

1. You are a middle-aged person struggling with sagging cheeks and face.
The ideal candidate has facial aging concerns, specifically sagging cheeks and jawline skin. In addition, you should have good skin recoil to achieve the desired outcomes of a SMAS facelift.

2. You must be healthy and a non-smoker.
To undergo the SMAS facelift procedure, you must be in good health and have an excellent medical history. SMAS facelift is not recommended for those with a history of keloid formation, bleeding abnormalities, or other conditions that may hinder the healing process. In addition, smoking contributes to poor wound healing after the procedure and may extend the recovery timeline. Therefore, you should be a non-smoker or quit smoking for several months before and after your SMAS procedure.

3. You do not like the appearance of your neck.
The SMAS facelift is an excellent technique for facial rejuvenation. However, your neck may also require lifting. Usually, a necklift with neck skin removal and neck muscle tightening is involved during a SMAS facelift.

4. You must have realistic expectations.
It would help if you always had realistic expectations of what SMAS facelift can accomplish. Therefore, during your introductory consultation with Dr. Katzen, you must understand what the SMAS facelift procedure can and cannot achieve.


Overall, the SMAS facelift is a unique facial rejuvenation surgery that requires superb surgical skills and a plastic surgeon with extensive experience. The SMAS facelift offers some of the best facial rejuvenation results with long-lasting effects when skillfully performed.

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen, M.D. Beverly Hills, CA, has enjoyed a 30+ year career as a plastic surgeon. He has satisfied thousands of patients globally who have undergone the SMAS facelift procedure. In addition, thousands of patients have experienced SMAS facial transformation and achieved their facial rejuvenation goals.
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