Who Can Benefit From Eyelid Surgery In Los Angeles?


The shape and structure of our eyelids blend with other facial features and are extremely important in the way we look. Saggy, eyelid skin can make us look old and tired. The upper lids can become wrinkly, and the lower lids can droop because of poorly supported skin and the buildup of fatty deposits. Eyelid surgery is a common cosmetic procedure which can correct these problems. Also known as blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery is a bit like a mini facelift. It smoothes the skin through the removal of fat, and the eyelid is pulled to create an even, wrinkle-free surface. We offer complete consultation services and blepharoplasty for our clients throughout the Los Angeles area.

How Eyelid Surgery Benefits the Client

The most obvious benefit is the correction of saggy upper and lower eyelid skin. As we age, our eye skin is not supported as well as it was when we were teens or young adults. This causes the drooping eyelid skin and can even interfere with eyesight. If the lower lids droop excessively, more white appears below the iris. If this sounds like you, you are probably an ideal candidate for eyelid surgery. However, it is important to consult with Dr. Katzen first so that he can take a close look at your eye structure, the condition of the skin, and the amount of subdermal tissue that might have to be removed or repositioned. Only then can he give you an accurate prediction of the results. One of most important considerations is the balanced look of the eyes. If one eyelid has more excess skin than the other eye, this asymmetry can create a horizontally unbalanced look to the facial features. Blepharoplasty can correct this. The idea is to smooth the eyelid skin just the right amount. For example, Dr. Katzen may have to smooth the right lower lid more so than the left lower lid.

Long-Lasting Results

Blepharoplasty results last for years. In some cases, a repeat surgical procedure will never be necessary. Since lower eyelid fat accumulates over many years, revisions are rare. The skin will soon reattach to the subcutaneous tissues, so minimal downtime is required after eyelid surgery. You may have to wear bandages for a few days and take antibiotics, but that's about it.

Get More Youthful Eyes With Cosmetic Surgery

Upper and lower eyelid surgery can significantly improve your overall appearance. Call Dr. Katzen today to schedule your personal consultation. It won't take long to determine if you are an ideal candidate for eyelid surgery.

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