Who Makes a Good Candidate for a Full Body Lift Surgery?


Wondering if a full body lift surgery is the right choice for you? Here's more about what kind of person makes a good candidate for this procedure.

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16 billion US dollars. That's how much the United States spent on cosmetic plastic and minimally-invasive surgeries in 2016. During this year, surgeons from all over the country carried out a whopping 17.1 million procedures. Then 2017 came and went, and the total year-ender number went up by 2 percent. From 17.1 million procedures, the previous year concluded with 17.5 million done. A closer look at the reports tells us that most patients either went for the face or the fat problem areas of their body. It also tells us that the full body lift surgery is one of the up and coming stars of the cosmetic surgery industry. What's so unique about it? Should you get it? And most importantly, are you a good fit for it? These are all important questions that we'll address in this comprehensive guide, so make sure you read on!

Uplifting Your Spirits with a Full Body Lift

What does this do? Here's the short answer (we'll go into detail later): It removes excess skin and fat from areas affecting the upper body all the way down to the upper leg portion. It lifts and flattens the body's contours, making it leaner, shapelier, and firmer. With the kind of improvements the procedure brings, you can get your lost confidence and self-esteem back. So long as it's something you really want to do, then you can expect this 'lifting' procedure to uplift your spirits too.

Why Undergo This Procedure?

As mentioned above, the answer we gave above is the shortened version. That should be enough to make you interested in the procedure. And from there, you should take the time to learn more about it - in depth. So, let's break down the process into easier-to-understand sections. First, let's see why people choose to undergo these procedures and why they've seen considerable growth over the years. Oh, just to give you an idea of this growth, 2016 saw a shocking 3,973 percent increase in lower body lifts alone. From 207 procedures in 2000 to 8,431 in 2015! That's how big the growth is. Anyway, what prompts people to get it is the obvious, unaesthetic appearance of sagging skin combined with fatty tissues affecting the torso and the upper leg area. These problems surface due to the excessive stretching and loosening of the skin. When this happens, it leads to the drop or even loss of skin elasticity. So... What causes these issues in the first place? Several reasons. First is a massive drop in one's weight. Pregnancies also give rise to this elasticity-reducing problem. And there's also the inevitable pull of gravity as one age. A full body lift, medically referred to as belt lipectomy, can get rid of these problem areas. Specifically, those affecting the back, belly, buttocks, hips, and outer thigs. If you've lost a lot of weight, gave birth recently, or you simply went through something that left you with copious amounts of excess skin, then this procedure may just be what you're looking for. Keep in mind though, that these are only the initial factors when it comes to determining if you're a good candidate.

The Most Common Candidates for the Procedure

Learning that you can finally say goodbye to all those unwanted flaps of skin is no doubt exciting. But before you even set any expectations, you first need to determine your candidacy for the procedure. Perhaps you've undergone bariatric surgery. But you're still annoyed, even frustrated by the loose skin the procedure left. In this case, you may want to consider a body lift. A full one if you have this problem affecting many other areas of your body, such as the back and the hips. By the way, if you've had bariatric procedures, you most likely have relaxed stomach wall muscles too. It's also possible the skin on your buttocks and thighs loosened and wrinkled. In this case, a full lift may be a better choice than just a lower lift. In addition to bariatric surgery patients, possible candidates are those who've lost huge amounts of weight after dieting. Also, those with loose skin and cellulite issues after pregnancy or due to aging.

Other Essential Considerations

Any medical or surgical procedure requires thorough consideration of factors that can influence results. And more importantly, the safety and well-being of the patient. That's why there's more to determining how good of a candidate you are for a body lift. This shouldn't make you just want to give up on it though. On the contrary, the somewhat long list of restrictions that the procedure has can help you become healthier. So, here are a few more things that'll influence your candidacy for this cosmetic procedure:

No Smoking Allowed

You can't be a smoker and expect to qualify for a full body lift. Or any other type of surgery for that matter. For the simple reason, that smoking makes it harder for your body to heal. Smokers who undergo surgical procedures are at a much higher risk of serious complications. Both during and after being under the knife. Here's some good news though: You may still qualify so long as you stop smoking at least six weeks prior the intended date of the surgery.

Stability is Key

Here's where things get a little more complicated. For you to see the best results following any contouring procedure, you should have a stable weight for no less than one year. Also, you shouldn't expect any more weight loss after the surgery. In fact, you should give your body at least two years after losing so much weight before undergoing body contouring. The reason? Because this gives the skin the best chance to shrink. And your body to have optimal nutrition, which in turn helps in faster recovery.

Health is In Check

Sadly, diabetics and those with heart diseases can't go for body contouring. But if you have good health and you don't suffer from any chronic medical condition, then you may just be a good fit. Make sure you consult with your primary care physician first. And be 100% sure of the licensure and qualifications of the plastic surgeon. A couple more reminders: Make sure you eat healthily and that you don't have any deficiencies, particularly in protein. Remember: Protein is the building block of life, and lack of it can slow down your body's healing. You have fully prepared your mental well-being for undergoing surgery. Body contouring procedures need not just endurance, but patience too. And aside from your good health, you also have realistic expectations and an overall positive attitude. So long as you meet all these requirements and criteria, then you most likely will secure that go-signal for this procedure from an experienced plastic surgeon.

Establishing Your Actual Candidacy with a Consultation

The only actual way to confirm whether you're a good fit for a full body lift or not is through consulting with a licensed cosmetic and plastic surgeon. This is why it's important you check in with one soon after you've become interested in the procedure. Knowing as soon as possible can help you deal with potential disappointments. And in case you're a good candidate, the earlier you know, the sooner you can prepare for the procedure.

What to Expect During the Consultation

Because each patient is unique, both in terms of body composition and surgery expectations, it's important your chosen surgeon meets your specific goals. Only the most trustworthy practitioners know the importance of patient-tailored programs. This said, you should expect the doctor to give you an extensive physical examination. From there, the surgeon will discuss your options. Remember, you have three options: upper, lower, or a full body lift. In general, those who are best suited for the full procedure are people who've lost massive amounts of weight. Most have shed about 60 pounds or more. If this is true in your case, and you want to address those excess skin and fat affecting multiple areas of your body, then you might want to opt for the full procedure. You should also expect the surgeon to have your body photographed. This'll serve as the "before" photo for your comparison. With this, you'll find it easier to see your wonderful progress after your complete recovery. It's also during the initial consultation wherein you'll learn more about the costs associated with the procedure. To give you some idea, the average cost of this procedure runs between $7,000 and $30,000. Take note though, that how much it'll cost you depends on your unique and specific needs. The good news is, you'll find licensed surgeons offering financing options! You may want to ask your prospects about this, as this can be all it takes for you to realize your contoured body dreams finally. With patient financing, you'll have an easier time paying for your surgery.

Ready to Take the Step to a More Confident You?

Now that you know more about the body lift, the next step is to schedule an initial consultation. And that's where we come in. Connect with our office in Beverly Hills now to set up an appointment so we can help you determine your options when it comes to body contouring procedures.

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