Why Should I Have a Torsoplasty: Top 4 Reasons

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen


"A solid solution for the permanent removal of excess rolls of back skin and fat to enhance the effect of weight loss surgery!"

• Do you notice hanging back skin and stubborn fat deposits even after achieving your weight loss goal?

• Do you lack the back profile you desire, even after achieving your weight loss goal?

• Do you find it difficult or impossible to rid yourself of excess saggy skin or rolls of back skin and fat?

Excess back or torso skin and fat can be removed with a procedure called a Torsoplasty.

Many of us get excited when the goal of a weight loss regime is accomplished. However, losing a significant amount of weight is only part of the problem. Even after aggressive dieting and exercise, stubborn rolls of skin can remain. A torsoplasty can create your desired torso and body contour. If you have excess back skin, fat, and poor skin contractility, a torsoplasty surgery may be a great option. If have mild back skin, moderate excess back fat, and excellent back skin contractility, you may be a candidate for VASER back liposuction. If, however, you have moderate excess back skin and fat, and poor back skin contractility, you may require a horizontal or vertical torsoplasty.

Torsoplasty surgery in Beverly Hillsand Las Vegas, NV, is a popular body contouring surgery. Patients from across the globe come to California to benefit from the medical tourism industry in California.

What is Torsoplasty/ Back Lipectomy?

A torsoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that removes excess saggy back skin and stubborn fat and provides you with an aesthetically pleasing back contour. Torsoplasty removes excess skin and fat from your back or torso and offers you a new way to recover your upper back. However, torsoplasty is more than a plastic surgery procedure. A torsoplasty can transforms your body and offers you a more youthful body contour. Multiple different types of surgeries exist to address different body parts. If your back skin bothers you, liposuction is optimal for patients with isolated pockets of fat and excellent skin contractility. Dr. Katzen will recommend which torsoplasty technique would be optimal based on your unique anatomy.

Why Should You Undergo a Torsoplasty?

Many people have doubts about body lift and torsoplasty procedures. Therefore, it is important to know the various types of body contouring surgeries available.

Liposuction removes stubborn fat from various body areas with minimal skin deformity. However, back liposuction does nothing to address the loose skin left behind. If you have extensive excess back skin, you may require a horizontal or vertical torsoplasty.

What is a vertical torsoplasty?

During a vertical torsoplasty, an incision is made from the armpit down. Sometimes this vertical incision is extended to the upper portion of the bra. Sometimes the incision is extended below the bra and even to the bottom of the rib cage. In other patients, the incision is carried to the hip bone, super iliac crest or even beltline. After the initial incision, dissection is carried towards the back. Tissue was then freed and a large elliptical area of skin and fat is removed from the side of the torso. The incision is then closed. The benefit of the vertical torsoplasty is that the incision on each side of the torso is covered when your arms are at your side. The downside of this procedure is that the vertical torsoplasty does not remove as much torso skin and fat as the horizontal torsoplasty.

What is a horizontal torsoplasty?

During a horizontal torsoplasty an incision is made across the back. Because the horizontal torsoplasty incision and resulting scar are hidden underneath the bra strap, some plastic surgeons call the horizontal torsoplasty a bra-plasty or bra strap-plasty. During a horizontal torsoplasty, an incision is made across the back. Tissue dissection is carried down the back and a large elliptical area of back skin and fat in the shape of a butterfly is removed. The lower back is then lifted. The benefit of the horizontal torsoplasty is that a large amount of excess skin and fat of the upper back is removed. The downside of the horizontal torsoplasty is that there is a large visible scar across the back. However, the horizontal torsoplasty incision usually can be hidden under reasonable clothing. For both the vertical and horizontal torsoplasty, drains are required. Typically, drain remain in place for 1 to 2 weeks. Both the vertical and horizontal torsoplasty are performed under general anesthesia. The vertical torsoplasty takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to complete. The horizontal torsoplasty takes approximately 4 hours to complete.

You should undergo a torsoplasty for the following four reasons:

1. A torsoplasty gives you desired back sculpting: Torsoplasty surgery is a solution to the desired back sculpting, especially sculpting the upper, middle, and lower back. A torsoplasty involves the removal of excess back skin rolls and fat from the shoulder blades to the top of the buttocks. Liposuction may be used in conjugation with a torsoplasty. You and Dr. Katzen will choose the specific type of torsoplasty based on your expected back goals. An introductory consultation is mandatory to know the best option.

2. Patients who have recently experienced significant weight loss: A torsoplasty can benefit anyone who wants to achieve a sculpted body figure. However, the patients who are helped the most with a torsoplasty are those who have experienced significant weight loss. Weight loss may be incomplete without proper contouring, which is why a torsoplasty surgery is performed. A torsoplasty gives you the best sculpting to your body by removing remaining excess back skin and fat after a weight loss regime.

3. A torsoplasty can achieve the best back and can be combined with other procedures. A torsoplasty can be combined with several different plastic surgery procedures to offer you the best possible appearance. Anything or everything from the abdomen to the thighs may be combined with a torsoplasty. Thus, you can achieve your desired shape and contour during a torsoplasty.. A torsoplasty surgery can include a tummy tuck, thigh lift, butt lift, liposuction, or any combination of these plastic surgery procedures.

4. You have localized and isolated areas of back skin and fat: A torsoplasty is the best option for those having localized and isolated back skin and fat. Anyone can consider torsoplasty surgery. However, the patients who benefit the most from a torsoplasty have isolated and localized pockets of back fat and rolls of back skin. Therefore, for patients who have lost a lot of weight or are concerned about upper, middle, and lower back fat, a torsoplasty is a recommended body contouring option.


Overall, back skin and fat surgery depends on the individualized physical examination. Different types of torsos require a customized torsoplasty surgery plan decided by you and Dr. Katzen

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