Your Top Questions About the Brazilian Butt Lift Answered

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen


he Brazilian butt lift, or autologous fat transfer to the buttocks, has recently grown in popularity. Dr. Katzen has performed hundreds of BBLs as a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills.

Often, patients considering a BBL have questions about this surgery and what to expect. Therefore, we want to take this opportunity to answer some of the most frequently asked Brazilian butt lift questions.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift is a type of buttock enhancement plastic surgery. The procedure involves accentuating the look of the buttocks without the use of implants.

Today, male and female patients desire a rounder, fuller buttock area. A Brazilian butt lift achieves each patient’s desired look by utilizing the patient’s excess fat and transferring it to the buttock.

When consulting with BBL patients, Dr. Katzen performs a physical to determine the best areas of the body to remove fat. During the surgery, Dr. Katzen uses liposuction to extract fat from targeted areas and then introduces that fat to the buttock.

To watch Dr. Katzen perform a Brazilian butt lift for one of his patients, please watch the video below.

Is a BBL Safer Than Buttock Implants?

Like any other plastic surgery procedure, the Brazilian butt lift and silicone buttock implants carry risks. However, both buttock augmentation procedures are safe when performed by an experienced, plastic surgeon.

It may seem like a BBL would be safer than silicone buttock implants because it utilizes the patient’s fat instead of implants. However, implants can be just as safe as long as the patient is in good health and at a stable weight.

Dr. Katzen recommends the Brazilian butt lift for patients interested in buttock augmentation as long as there is enough fat for the transfer process.

The BBL has been considered “the most dangerous plastic surgery procedure.” When fat is transferred, the fat can be transferred into the fat or the muscle of the buttocks. Studies have shown when fat is injected into the muscle, injected, fat can get into the blood circulation. This situation can lead to fatal consequences. Therefore, plastic surgeons do not inject fat into the buttock anymore. This avoidance of injecting fat into the muscle has dramatically improved the safety of performing the BBL. When fat is injected into the fat of the buttock, the BBL is considered a relatively “safe” procedure.

Will My Brazilian Butt Lift be Permanent?

The Brazilian butt lift offers semi-permanent results. Most of the fat transferred to the buttocks will remain long-term. However, some patients experience minimal fat reabsorption, which is normal.

Dr. Katzen requires patients to be at a stable body weight before undergoing a BBL. Patients should avoid losing or gaining weight after undergoing a Brazilian butt lift because weight fluctuations will affect the outcome of the procedure and their results.

Will My BBL be Painful?

Dr. Katzen performs Brazilian butt lift plastic surgery while patients are under general anesthesia. Therefore, patients do not experience any pain during their procedures. However, because the BBL is invasive, some pain is to be expected during recovery.

Patients will have bruising at the fat extraction site and where the fat was re-introduced to the buttock. Mild to moderate pain is normal, and Dr. Katzen will prescribe pain medication as needed to manage soreness. As the body heals, any pain and swelling will diminish and improve.

How Much Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Cost?

Each BBL is unique, and many factors affect the cost of a Brazilian butt lift. Therefore, the final cost for each patient will vary. However, Dr. Katzen will take the time to explain the cost of the procedures he recommends.

Dr. Katzen offers flexible cash and credit options, like CareCredit, to make undergoing a BBL as affordable as possible for his patients.

Am I a Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Patients may be excellent candidates for the Brazilian butt lift if they have enough body fat to transfer. During the initial consultation, Dr. Katzen performs a physical exam to identify body areas for fat removal. Dr. Katzen will only recommend a BBL if the patient has enough body fat.

Additionally, patients must have healthy skin. Loose, sagging buttock skin may indicate a need for a surgical buttock lift instead of a BBL.

Finally, patients should be at a stable, healthy weight before undergoing a Brazilian butt lift. Weight gain or loss will affect the patient’s results, which is key.

Patients who are not good candidates for the Brazilian butt lift should talk with Dr. Katzen about plastic surgery options to help them reach their goals. You may need to gain weight or you may be a better candidate for silicone buttock implants.

Can You Sit Down After Undergoing a BBL?

Dr. Katzen recommends patients avoid sitting directly on their buttocks for about three weeks after undergoing a BBL. Instead, patients should invest in a BBL pillow to transfer their weight to their thighs when they sit.

Furthermore, patients should avoid sleeping on their backs after undergoing a Brazilian butt lift. Instead, Dr. Katzen recommends stomach sleeping to avoid putting too much weight on the buttocks during sleep.

What Will My Recovery be Like After Surgery?

After undergoing a BBL, patients will experience some soreness on the buttocks and at the fat extraction sites. Mild to moderate pain and swelling will be present for about one to two weeks and begin to improve as healing progresses. Patients should discuss with Dr. Katzen how long they will need to take off work.

Patients should see their full results around 6-8 weeks after surgery. However, Dr. Katzen will advise each patient when to begin a regular exercise routine. Dr. Katzen recommends short walks and stretching to decrease inflammation and improve blood circulation as the body heals.

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There are many reasons patients contact Dr. Katzen about Brazilian butt lift procedures. The natural aging process, pregnancy, and weight loss can all cause the buttock to lose shape over time. Fortunately, the BBL is designed to improve the look of their rear end and help patients achieve the healthy buttock they desire.

Currently, Dr. Katzen is scheduling initial consultations for patients interested in the Brazilian butt lift. He offers in-office appointments at his Beverly Hills, CA, Las Vegas, NV, and Dubai UAE offices. Virtual appointments are available through Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, and FaceTime.

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