Breast Augmentation with 800cc Silicone Implants

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Legs are okay Jessie?

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So today's next case is a breast augmentation. She wants to go larger, she wants to actually go up to 800cc and she has enough breast envelope to handle that. So basically I'm gonna make incision underneath the breast here and dissect up here on the anterior chest wall. And then were gonna be able to create enough space to put in a 800cc implant and give her much more projection, much more fullness of the breast.

She is probably a C and she wants to go up to a double D and have significant fullness of the breast and have cleavage. So I think 800cc will be perfect for her. So let's go to the ER.

My incision is going to be underneath the breast here, underneath the breast fold. I'm going to inject it with lidocaine epinephrin, it minimizes the bleeding, minimizes the pain along the incision site, minimizes some of the post-operative pain. I'm making my incision under the breast here.

These are empty balloons which we're going to fill up with...I like to use air and these are just going to be temporary to see if 800 is a good idea.

Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

There's our other sizer. One.

So, I'm just making sure that the dissection is equal and the breasts are even to get the medially here, the top of the breast, laterally, inferiorly and top of the breast making sure they're perfectly symmetrical and equal. So, I'm just making sure all the [inaudible] are equal size on the inside.

I'm happy with the 800 choice so now we're just going to put our permanent implants in and make sure they're symmetrical and close everything up.

Alright. Yep. So now. Okay. Let's go to the other side. Let's open up the other implant. Okay.

Okay, if we can sit her up please? We'll need a Kerlix roll and zero four. Can we sit her up more, is that possible? Yeah.

Yep, perfect. All right, we can lay her down and close her up.

Oh, a malleable or something.

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A malleable or something...a back of a..yeah yeah, that's perfect.

I wonder if they're left over from the Olympics? No, they've never had the Winter Olympics here. Hmm.