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Dr. Katzen:

Hello, this is Dr. Katzen, Beverly Hills, and today we're going to be talking about buttock implants, specifically silicone buttock implants for buttock augmentation in patients looking for a larger buttock.

So today we have a patient who had a lost significant amount of weight, she had undergone previously a body lift, where we take up a lot of skin and fat from the upper buttocks and lift the buttocks up and then several months later we did fat transfer, but she still wanted more shape to her buttocks. She wanted more projection, she wanted more volume. So the only way to achieve that is with a buttock implant.

So I used the incision on her backside, the posterior body lift, to make an incision and put the buttock implant in underneath the gluteus maximus muscle to give her more projection, it also protects the implants.

So in this patient, what I'm going to do is I'm going to use her prior incision here, her lower body lift incision, and it goes a little bit further back and then I'm going to dissect down underneath the gluteus muscle, in here, and create a little pocket underneath the muscle, and then I'm going to put in my implant here creating the space for the silicone implant right in there, and that... by pushing that out will increase the profile of her buttock. Well maybe not that much, but at least that much, at least we're going to be putting in a 460cc implant of silicone solid into her buttock.

So let's go to the operating room, and I'll show you how we do it in Beverly Hills.

Okay so this patient had previously lost a lot of weight. She'd undergone a circumferential lower body lift, getting rid of a lot of extra skin, extra fat. With her weight loss and with the body lift, she had more of a flattened buttock. Previously we'd done fat transfer, but she didn't have a lot of fat because of her weight loss. So she now presents for definitive breast... sorry, definitive buttock augmentation with buttock implants.

So we're going to make an incision through her lower body lift incision here, dissect under, go underneath the muscle and put in our implants. We're going to go with about a 460cc implant, a round, smooth, silicone implant and that'll give her more buttock projection.

So we're going to start out on this side and then we'll progress to the other side. So the first thing we're going to do here is we're going to use local anesthetic, numb up the area, minimize the bleeding and minimize the trauma during the dissection here. Then we're going to go through the skin, through the fat and then find the muscle and then go underneath the muscle and make our pocket for these implants.

So I'm just going through her previous lower body lift incision for the incision. This point here is the maximum apex, the top of her buttock, that's where I want to center the implant, and we're going to place our implant right in there like that to give her more projection.

So I like to use this dissector to make the pocket for the implant. So I'm underneath the muscle now, gluteus muscle, and I'm just dissecting out my pocket to make sure everything is nice and even to allow for the insertion of the implant.

So this is our implant, nice solid silicone, not gel form, but it does have some give to it, you can see that. Round, as opposed to anatomic, which are tear dropped. So we know inside the body these implants, they do spin, so if you have an anatomic implant and it spins, you get an upside but, it really looks really weird, so I like the rounds. I also like the smooth ones. There's also textured implants, but for the buttock I like the smooth ones.

Just for idea wise, there's the palm of my hand, you can see that. In terms of height wise, that's you know, it's projection and it's not like a breast implant, which has cohesive gel, this is more of a solid gel. This is more like a bicycle seat. You can see we're going to get pretty good projection on the buttock there. This is a 460.

So this patient had previously been morbidly obese. She underwent gastric bypass and lost a lot of weight. Previously she'd undergone a lower body lift, by raising the buttock up eliminating a lot of the fat in the upper buttock. But over the years, she developed buttock ptosis which is drop of the buttock and sagging of the buttock.

So before we'd done some fat transfer to those areas, really didn't get her the projection she wants, so now we went with a definitive, permanent solution, buttock implants.

So with the buttock implants, I went through the lower body lift incision here, put the implants underneath the muscle. And you can see she has a lot more projection now, a lot more profile. The buttock actually gets raised by filling up the buttock, quite like when we do a BVL to the breast, or a BVL to the buttock or we do a fat transfer, she gets a lift of the buttock with the implant.

Now when she wears pants, the belt will actually grip on the upper portion of the buttocks, they won't slip down and she has a much better shape through her entire body.

So this is how we do buttock augmentation with silicone implants on a weight loss patient.

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