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Horizontal Torsoplasty plus a Brazilian Buttock Lift aka BBL

Today's patient is a 35 year old female who has lost 140 lbs! She has a lot of excess skin on her back that isn't bouncing back, so to remove that hanging skin Dr. Katzen performs a horizontal torsoplasty, also known as a "bra strap" Torsoplasty because the scar line hides behind the bra strap. The patient also wants more volume in her buttocks, so Dr. Katzen is going to do liposuction around her abdomen and thighs and transfer it to her buttock for a Brazilian Buttock Lift or BBL. The patient is very happy with her results! What do you think? Comments welcome below! For more information on all procedures and treatments by Beverly Hills | Los Angeles | Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Timothy Katzen MD please visit: http://timothykatzenmd.com/