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In this video, Dr. J. Timothy Katzen performs fat transfer to the breasts to make this patient's breasts bigger. This patient in her mid-30s desired a small breast augmentation but did not want implants. Dr. Katzen performs fat transfer to the breast in Beverly Hills to augment this patient's breast naturally, without an implant. He performs liposuction of this patient's love handles, knees and thighs to harvest fat for transfer. She is extremely happy with her results. Request a free consultation on my website: https://timothykatzenmd.com/ Call my office to schedule a free consultation: (310)859-7770 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/timothykatzenmd/ Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/drlosangeles Fat Transfer to Breast FAQs Q: How much fat will my breast retain after a fat transfer to breasts? A: You will retain 80% of fat that was transferred to her breasts. Q: What happens if I lose weight after fat transfer to breasts? A: The newly transplanted fat cells are protected from weight loss. Q: How long does fat transfer to breasts last? A: I believe up to 10 years. Q: Can you do multiple fat transfers to breasts treatments to make them larger? A: Yes, certainly! Q: Will Dr. Katzen perform my fat transfer to breasts surgery? A: Yes! Call my office to schedule a free consultation. (310)859-7770. I'm located in Beverly Hills and I have satellite offices in Las Vegas and Dubai.