Barbra S's Story

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen

“Once upon a time, (April 2002 to be exact), I had my gastric by-pass done in the land of heat and sun (Arizona!). I started this fantasy (or was it a nightmare?) weighing in at 285 pounds. But after much shedding of the pounds I lost 115 pounds! But alas! What was this hanging around my waist? 3 flat tires!!! Or the equivalent thereof! I contacted some local surgeons, and they all said “I don’t do insurance!” or “You need to loose 40 more pounds!” That is when stepped in with an e-mail telling me of this surgeon that works with your insurance and he was actually speaking at a seminar in Las Vegas! So I took the plunge and had my consultation with Dr. Katzen in July of 2006. When he came charging in the room in his noble white coat (forget the white horse!) and talked to me and showed me what he could do and that my 3 flat tires could all be gone, I knew I had been rescued! After a few battles of woe with the insurance (no, they didn’t cover it!) and other problems getting it off the ground, I had my tummy tuck (flat tire removal) and inner thigh reduction (elephant skin removed!) performed on January 25, 2007.My road to recovery wasn’t without pitfalls, it took a lot longer to heal and my body rejected some of the stitches, and at times it looked like my body lost the battle, but after 5 months, it finally is healing up! He took my mountains of flat tires (18 pounds worth) and I lost an additional 12 pounds post surgery! And my husband loves that my mountains are gone, so he can now see the lovely twin hills!! So now I’ll ride off into the sunset, saying…”When can I get my arms done?” and “We lived happily ever after!”

~ Barbra S.
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