Bo's Journey to Renewal: Trusting Dr. Katzen with Post-Weight Loss Surgery

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen

“My name is Bo. I first met Dr. Katzen in Anaheim in March of 2004. Immediately I liked him and knew that he was a person whom I could trust to take me through the delicate process of plastic and post weight-loss reconstruction. I knew him to be a cordial and gentle person with a great sense of humor. So, when I began my plastic journey I chose Dr. Katzen. He was honest and up front with me about the whole process. He told me what to expect and he made me feel safe always. Even when I had minor complications that couldn’t be avoided he was there the whole time. He held my hand while I cried like a baby telling him that I wanted to get better soon! He just smiled and told me “Bo, this is going to get better it just seems like it is bad. Each day you are getting better and better” I remember that moment very well because I needed it so badly. He has taken my calls whenever I needed him.I know that I chose Dr. Katzen because I trusted his work as a surgeon but, I recommend him because I trust him as a friend. He is no longer a Dr. to me I consider him a friend of the family and I would put my life in his hands any day. Based on what I have seen from Dr. Katzen I wouldn’t allow any other surgeon to do my plastics but, him. In short, I love you Dr. K.”

~ Bo M.
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