Catherine's Transformation: From Childhood Dreams to Reality with Dr. Katzen

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen


“Once upon a time there was a little girl named Cindy. Her name was really Catherine but everyone called her Cathy, which she did not like because it sounded too much like “fatty.” Cindy sounded like “slim” and “thin;” so, Cathy became Cindy. Every night Cindy would crawl into bed and pray that when she awoke, she would look like all the other children. “Please, God, let me be thin like everyone else.” Every morning Cindy would wake up and find that nothing had changed. She would have to face another humiliating day in the First Grade. “Moooooo.” shouted the boys as they grabbed a hold of their desks and shook them when Cindy walked down the aisle to her seat in the classroom. Escaping from the cruel children meant that lunch and recess were to be spent hiding in the girls’ bathroom. Cindy spent many years hiding and praying until her Fairy Godfather appeared.On December 26th 2002 I had a gastric bypass and lost over 150-lbs., but I was still hiding and praying to look normal like other women. I wanted to wear sleeveless shirts, shorts and a bathing suit; clothing that most take for granted until they have to contend with tucking in massive amounts of skin. With over 50 pounds of loose skin hanging from my body, it seemed that the life I wanted was always just out of reach. When was that Fairy Godfather going to appear?

On May 10th 2007, after interviewing several plastic surgeons, I finally met Dr. Katzen, my “Fairy Godfather.” He was very professional and immediately put me at ease. He took his time to educate me on the different procedures available. I was very impressed by his knowledge as well as his character. It was then that I started the process of removing the excessive skin from my thighs, stomach, arms and breasts. Dr. Katzen and his wonderful staff gently held my hand through eight months of reconstructive surgery.

On May 20th 2008 I am now able to say that my prayers were finally heard, and I now have an opportunity to live the life I’ve always dreamed of living. Dr. Katzen is a living, breathing, walking Angel on this Earth. He sees what most cannot. When he looked at my misshapen body, ravaged by years of morbid obesity, he saw the finished product already standing there. Dr. Katzen is more than a surgeon. He is an artist, a creator, an architect who designs miracles. I’m eternally grateful to him and his gifted skills.”

~ Catherine D.
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