Christine R.'s Comprehensive Transformation with Dr. Katzen's Expertise

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen


Bariatric Surgery Date: February 19, 2004: “Had laprascopic surgery with Dr. Fobi’s office at Tri-City Hospital. Everything went well and was up and back to work in about 10 days. I just recently had my 3 year exam and I am in excellent health. All of my bloodwork came back great! I take my vitamins every day as instructed. People tell me that I look 10 years younger. My co-workers always tell me what a difference the surgery made. Everyone has been very supportive.”Body and Thigh Lift Surgery: September 2005: “Body and thigh lift surgery with Dr. Katzen was definitely needed. The surgery went very well and recovered quickly. Scarring is minimal and Dr. Katzen thought I healed very well. He removed 12 lbs. of excess skin from my middle and thighs. The surgery made a huge difference in how my clothes fit. I went back to work in about 2-1/2 weeks. I chose the pain pump and was very happy that I did. I had minimal discomfort and didn’t even need to take pain medication once I was home from the hospital. I followed Dr.’s orders to the letter and walked as much as possible.”Arm Lift Surgery: Febuary 2006: “Always hated my arms and hated them even more when I had extra sagging skin. The surgery scar is from my elbow down my arm to about my bra line on each side. Dr. Katzen took 7 lbs. of skin off and they look great. Very minor scarring that is hardly noticeable. This surgery was done at an outpatient office so I was home the same afternoon. The facility was wonderful and couldn’t have asked for a better experience. My biggest problem was that I couldn’t bend my arms for quite a few days so had to rely on family to do a lot for me. My daughter fed me popcorn while I recuperated so she thought it was fun!” “My experience with Dr. Katzen and his staff has been excellent. I have been seen at both the Beverly Hills and Hawaiian Gardens offices. Everyone has been friendly and helpful.”

~ Christine R.
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