Christine W.'s Full Circle: From Weight Loss to Rejuvenation with Dr. Katzen

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen


“My name is Christine. I’m a 33 year old mother of 2, and I work as a bariatric coordinator for a weight loss surgeon in Phoenix. I underwent my own RNY gastric bypass 6-1-04. My high weight was 285 and within a year was down to 145. I was thrilled with my weight loss, improved health, and basic overall look. I was always getting compliments from friends and family members on how good I looked, but then when I was home, and changing clothes I could see what no one else saw……the excess hanging skin. During my weight loss process I had always said that I would not get plastic surgery because I would have just been happy to lose the weight. As time went on and more and more weight came off, I found that my original statements just didn’t hold true. I did want to complete the process. I was so proud of what I had accomplished, and I knew that I deserved to have the body that I had always wanted.I first met Dr. Katzen at an Obesity Help conference in Phoenix. I was very impressed by his presentation, and his before and after photo’s just seemed to trump most of the other surgeons photo’s that I had seen. I knew this was the plastic surgeon for me!

Since I live in Phoenix, AZ I found it necessary to communicate thru email, rather than travel back and forth. Dr. Katzen’s staff was excellent, and always made me feel like their most special patient. That spoke volumes to me. Soon I had a date to have the Katzen Power Lift (circumfrential body lift), and a bi-lateral medial thigh lift. I flew to Los Angeles the day prior to my surgery and went to meet with Dr. Katzen. I was very nervous when the doctor came in to meet with me, but by the time I left his office I was at such a peace with the procedure, and what to expect. Surgery went wonderfully, the hospital and staff was tremendous, and of course Dr. Katzen made certain that I was always very comfortable. I stayed in LA for a couple more days prior to flying home, and continued to have a very normal recovery.

Today when people meet me they would never know that I had been morbidly obese, let alone have had plastic surgery. I’m able to wear the kind of clothing that I want to wear, shop where I want to, and I have the confidence in my body that I was looking for.

Thank you to Dr. Katzen for helping me to achieve my desired look. You are the best!”

~ Christine W.
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