Janet L.'s Transformation: Trusting Dr. Katzen's Expertise

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen

“I am 19 months post Gastric surgery, 227 lbs. lost. In June 2006, I was researching plastic surgeons. I thought I had made my choice when I attended a seminar by Dr, Katzen. Once I heard his honest, up front talk and met him personally, I knew that my first selection was not the correct one; I decided that Dr. Katzen was the surgeon for me. He seemed to understand the plight of post WLS people.In August I had the lower body lift and thigh liposuction. Dr. Katzen removed a 25 lb belt of skin and another 11 lbs of fat from each thigh. That was a total of 47 lbs.I returned to the operating room, with Dr. Katzen for an arm and breast lift. Next year I will return, once again, for a leg lift.

I am so happy with my body contouring results. I am normal. While I was not trying to look like Barbie, I come pretty close. Dr. Katzen is a warm, honest, soft spoken, caring doctor. When I asked questions or expressed concerns, he did not skirt the issue, just told me the plain, simple truth.

Giving your body and in effect trusting your life over to someone else is very scary. I trusted Dr. Katzen completely and I will again.

Thank you Dr. Katzen, for giving me back my self-esteem, a sense of normalcy, and frankly helping me look sexy again.”

~ Janet L.
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