Janine J.'s New Confidence: A Body by Katzen Journey

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen

“I met Dr. Katzen at the first OH seminar in Anaheim. I was only going to have my arms repaired because they upset me the most even though I had more than that which needed to be reconstructed.Well, I was on the operating table 2 months nearly to the day that we originally met.I have to say what made me switch doctors in midstream and cancel the scheduled surgery with the other doctor was Dr. Katzen himself. He had a very put together presentation that was informative and more so, he was not trying to sell himself in the sense you feel from other doctors. He was offering a service to people who had suffered the ravages of obesity and telling us -look this is what I can do for you. I am not a miracle worker nor am I a “god,”…I am a person who can make you feel good about yourself again or maybe for the first time in your life. He never promised that you would look like a super model. In fact, Dr. Katzen had slides of people who had also been obese in different degrees and ages and showed what the results were. It was dramatic and especially in the sense that they gave realistic expectations.

After his presentation, I spoke with him on the floor of the conference room. Dr. Katzen was personable, knowledgeable and a very kind person.

When I had my initial consultation, I thought I was going to die a million deaths having to take my clothes off, but that was not the case with him. I was not uncomfortable and there was no distain on his face like I had already experienced by other doctors. He explained to me what he could do for me, and I just went for it.

Well, nearly 2 years later and a major body overhaul, I am here to say that Dr. Katzen is an amazing person and surgeon. His skills as a surgeon have by far surpassed my expectations. He is an artist using the human body as the canvas. Another thing about him that has never changed is his demeanor. He cares beyond belief which is not put on nor phony. He makes you feel like you are the one and only.

However beyond that and I must really stress this – Dr. Katzen is one of the most ethical people I have ever met and the integrity he possesses most people cannot hold a candle next to him. Dr. Katzen is a super star in my eyes and I will always be extraordinarily grateful to the man who gave me a gift that I could never put a price tag on. I able to hold my head up high and know how I feel about myself is all because of this gifted man. I have a body by katzen!”

~ Janine J.
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