Karen N's Story

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen

“I made a choice after the birth of my first grandchild, battling with weigh loss for over 30 years and not yet having any health problems, yet, to have gastric-by pass surgery. I wanted to be able to get down on the floor, jump rope, ride a bike, etc. with my grandchildren without being out of breath. Weighing 262 lbs. did not make these things easy.In July of 2003, at the age of 52, I had my by-pass surgery. Three years later and 150 lbs. lighter and still seeing myself as fat, I decided to have my excess skin removed. I knew of Dr. Katzen from the support group I attended. I knew he was the surgeon for me since his expertise was bariatric surgery patients. Dr. Katzen, with his humor made me feel very comfortable, relaxed and confident that I made the right choice in surgeons. I consider Dr. Katzen my personal artist (sculptor).The first step of the sculpting process was the circumferential body lift in Sept 2006. The results were unbelievable. I had a flat stomach and no more rolls. Speaking of rolls, I was at my computer, pulled down my shirt to cover up those rolls, looked down, and forgot, those rolls were GONE!!!!!!! Funny how it takes time for your brain to catch up to the changes to your body.

The second sculpting was my medial thigh lift and wedge incision in Feb 2007. My saddle bags did not disappear completely with the body lift as hoped, but now they’re gone.

Dr. Katzen has made me feel like part of his family. It is as if I have known him all of my life and that goes for his entire staff. I hope to have the final sculpting (breast lift/implants) finished by Sept. 2007 and then Dr. Katzen will see his final work completed and I will be flying off to Hawaii with my high school sweetheart (my husband) of 37 years.

I cannot thank Dr. Katzen enough for my changed body, my new lease on life and finally liking who I am.”

~ Karen N.
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