Laura V's Story

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen

“In April, 2004 I had WLS by Dr. Tanaka. My life changed dramatically as I went from 352 lbs. down to 190 within 1 ½ years. I was a changed woman … free from the bondage of bad food habits and free to be physically fit without the restrictions of my own body. I attended an Obesity Help conference in Orange County in 2005 in order to learn more about reconstructing my body. How exciting and rewarding it was to hear Dr. Katzen speak to not only my needs, but to my heart as well. My husband and I both felt as we heard Dr. Katzen that he understood the issues of patients concerning cosmetic surgery after WLS surgery. During this past year I have had the following procedures: circumferential body lift, inner thigh lift, breast and arm lift, eye-lid lift.As I read over the testimonials of other of Dr. Katzen’s patients they all seem the same… he is caring, knowledgeable, patient, kind, etc. etc. etc. But guess what? He REALLY is all of these things and much, much more! Added to all of his strengths as my surgeon are the strengths of his staff. I have enjoyed interacting with them both on the phone and face-to-face.

During one of my follow-up visits with Dr. Katzen I was thanking him for changing my life and making me a different person. He responded with, “Laura, you are the same great person. I was just involved in changing the outside.” For the first time I can contradict him. I am a different person, indeed! I walk in confidence, knowing that Dr. Katzen and his staff have provided me with the tool (a changed body) that reflects the work I have put in through the entire WLS process as I have followed the dietary guidelines as well as the physical exercise plans. My inner self has changed as well as the outside. I walk in newness of life and I enjoy a better lifestyle.

Who do I ultimately thank? I am a committed believer in God and I walk closely with Him. I know that he directed me to the best surgeon for me. I believe He was with Dr. Katzen in the operating room as Dr. Katzen applied his skilled hands and his training and knowledge to my body. And I believe that Dr. Katzen and God make a great team in meeting my needs!”

~ Laura V.
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