Lynne M's Story

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen

“Dr. Katzen has helped me finish my dream. Did I think I would need him a year ago? No, I was fat. Not an inch of sagging skin to be found anywhere. Then I was able to lose weight with the tool of Gastric Bypass surgery. Now I needed the tool of some really skilled hands to remove that saggy skin I never dreamed I’d have. With extra skin I still felt like I was a huge fat person. I could grab handfuls of extra skin. It wasn’t pretty. My abdomen was enormous. My breasts were just empty bags of skin.I met with 4 to 5 plastic surgeons. I chose Dr. Katzen. Why? Dr. Katzen was the one plastic surgeon that didn’t act like he thought he was God. Dr. Katzen wasn’t willing to do more than one area of the body at a time. He didn’t think it was good for the patient (imagine putting the patient first).While at weight loss seminars, other patients of Dr. Katzen eagerly showed their incisions. He does beautiful work. His other patients expressed their appreciation for him. His office staff is very professional and helpful. I also chose Dr. Katzen because he listens to what I want for my body.

I have had a Body Lift, Arm Lift, Breast Lift and Augmentation. For the first time in my life, with Dr. Katzen’s help, I feel pretty. I feel feminine. As I left town after my second surgery, I cried. Not because of pain, but because I looked like a regular person. Not a fat person and not a thin person with fat skin. I knew I made the perfect choice of surgeons when we unveiled my new flat stomach for the first time. The medical assistant said, “Wow, I wish my stomach was that flat”.

Instead of Dr. Katzen saying “Didn’t I do a great job?” His response was, “She worked really hard and she deserves it”. Thank you Dr. Katzen.”

~ Lynne M.
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