Michelle L's Story

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen

“As an RN, I work with surgeons everyday and see how they care for their patients. Most are too busy to be caring. Some are downright RUDE and COLD. Not Dr. “K.” He makes you feel special, never rushed. He has all the time you need, answers every question honestly. And safety is his bottom line. Patient safety.”This is the story I call “The Velvet Dress.””TWENTY years ago I weighed 198 lbs, the smallest I ever had been as an adult. I bought a green velvet dress that didn’t quite fit. It was tight, but I figured 10 more pounds and it would be perfect. Well….those 10 pounds didn’t leave, they gained and gained and gained. Over the years I went up to 355. The dress hung in the spare closet. I couldn’t bear to get rid of it. Then WLS took 175 pounds off – I was 185! The dress should fit! It didn’t. My shape had changed. Despite being 185 lbs, it didn’t fit. My hips and thighs were shaped wrong. ARRRG!!

Enter Doctor Katzen. He reshaped my body. This last Christmas, I FINALLY wore my Green Velvet Dress. It fit beautifully. I felt like a million bucks. Losing the weight wasn’t enough. I had to change my shape. My skin that covered my 355 lb body hadn’t left. I lost 175lbs under that skin, but the outside just hung over the new me. Dr. Katzen uncovered that new me. I am now a different person – the person I sought to be. THANK YOU DOCTOR KATZEN !”

~ Michelle L.
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