Rose D's Story

By: Dr. J. Timothy Katzen

“I had gastric bypass surgery in 2003 and lost 134 lbs., even though this was a large amount of weight and all my friends and co-workers kept telling me how great I looked, I still wasn’t happy. So I started interviewing plastic surgeons to remove the excess skin that made me insecure and made me feel “unfinished”.After three consults with local surgeons, I felt uncomfortable and frustrated. Out of total frustration, I called a gastric bypass center which did NOT do my original surgery, in the hopes that they had referrals, and they gave me only one name… Dr. Katzen.Well, I was so frustrated, and gun-shy already, so I decided to check him out online FIRST before I ever talked to him in person. I found so much information about him on different websites, including the “american board of plastic surgeons” and also his own website.

I scheduled an appointment, and I have to tell you, from the moment his office girls (all of them are absolutely amazing… considerate and organized – and helpful as well) guided me into one of his back rooms, I was impressed. I walked around his room and read all his credentials in the hopes of finding out more information about him. By the time we were done with the consult, I was feeling calm and amazed.

My insurance denied treatment, so I decided to pay cash for a new body, instead of spending the money on a new car (how many years can you enjoy a new car? This was going to be an investment in ME).

On 8/21/06 I had a circumferential body lift and crescent thigh lift.

Dr. Katzen removed 14 lbs. of skin and gave me a new, PERFECT belly button. With 450 stitches & 4 drains in my body, it was a long recovery — but Dr. Katzen and the girls in his office were with me EVERY step of the way!

I was SO pleased with the results of my 1st. surgery that I came back the following year (just a week ago today) to have my arms done. Also the “chubs” taken out on the sides where your bra sits and everything “oozes over”. Well, while we were so close to them, I had him do a breast lift/augmentation w/implants as well. I trust Dr. Katzen with my life. My boss and my best friends’ daughter (whom I’ve known since she was 9 yrs. old) are both consulting with him. If my daughter wanted work done on her body, I would guide her towards him as well.

I know you’ve read all this in the previous testimonials. He’s patient. He’s fair. He’s professional. He’s wonderful…

But the most important thing for you to learn about him in your search for a surgeon is that HE GENUINELY CARES. What more could you EVER ask from another human being who is going to cut you open?

Good luck with your search. Have fun with your new body!”

~ Rose D.
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