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Removal of Illegal Silicone Butt Injections with Surgery

Today's patient is a female in her 50's who about 12 years ago had illegal silicone injected into her buttocks. At first it looked great! But as we've seen all too often, over time the silicone spread through her buttocks down her thighs creating a lot of radiating pain, especially in the morning. The patient has also developed large masses in her buttocks due to the silicone and surrounding scar tissue. In order to remove as much silicone as possible, Dr. Katzen must surgically remove the contaminated skin and scar tissue. The patient feels much better and is very happy with her results! What do you think? Comments welcome below! For more information on all procedures and treatments by Beverly Hills | Los Angeles | Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Timothy Katzen MD please visit: http://timothykatzenmd.com/ http://www.siliconeremovalinstitute.com Want to see more posts like this? FOLLOW US @TIMOTHYKATZENMD Instagram: @DRKATZENMD Youtube: @TIMOTHYKATZENMD TikTok: @TIMOTHYKATZENMD Facebook: @DRJTIMOTHYKATZEN Snapchat: @DRLOSANGELES Twitter: @TIMOTHYKATZENMD Call (310) 859-7770 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Katzen. Personal consultations are $150 USD, which will go towards the patient’s surgical fee if the patient decides to proceed with Dr. Katzen. Virtual consultations can be scheduled through FaceTime, ?Skype, WhatsApp, and Zoom. We are now scheduling in-person consultations with restrictions. Please call our office for more information. ??(310) 859-7770 ??Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, and Dubai ??www.timothykatzenmd.com