Erase Unwanted Lines and Wrinkles with BOTOX


If you have crow's feet or vertical lines around your mouth, your expressive facial movements have caused the collagen directly beneath your skin to crack. The good news is that BOTOX can make common cosmetic issues like these instantly disappear.

How BOTOX Eliminates Lines And Wrinkles

Vertical lines at your brow (the “elevens” or “bunny-ears”), creases at the corners of your eyes (“crows feet”), and perioral wrinkles around your mouth (“parenthesis lines”) are known as dynamic wrinkles. These wrinkles are usually visible whenever your face is contracted or in motion. BOTOX is an injectable solution that has been approved by the FDA for the non-invasive treatment of superficial, facial wrinkling. Once this neurotoxin has been injected into facial areas that have dynamic wrinkles, the surface of the skin will quickly become smooth. BOTOX works by blocking the nerve signals that control specific forms of facial movement. When these nerve signals are effectively blocked, the related muscles relax, and the collagen directly beneath the skin can lie smooth and flat again. Best of all, the effects of this neurotoxin last just six months. After this time, regular nerve communication will gradually resume and the surface skin will regain its former appearance.

Why Choose BOTOX?

One of the greatest and most obvious benefits of getting a BOTOX treatment is the ability to release fine lines and wrinkles without having to undergo any invasive, anti-aging surgeries. BOTOX injections take just about 10 minutes to complete. Patients do not have to endure any significant after effects or extended recovery times. If you want to maintain the improvements that this injectable provides, you can simply have the doctor repeat your injections as needed.

Are You A Good Candidate For BOTOX?

BOTOX is only capable of correcting wrinkles that are motion-related. Botox does not treat static wrinkles, which are often associated with age-related volume loss and the gradual breakdown in the integrity and elasticity of the skin. BOTOX patients must be at least 18 years of age. Patients should not have any known neuromuscular or clotting disorders, nor should they be pregnant or breastfeeding at the time of their BOTOX procedures. This popular neurotoxin is derived from the botulinum type-A bacterium. As such, patients should not receive Botox if they are allergic to it. To schedule your first consultation, contact the offices of J. Timothy Katzen, MD today! Dr. Katzen has offices in Las Vegas and Beverly Hills.

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