Using Botox to Keep Wrinkles at Bay


If you've been looking in the mirror and seeing someone who's old and tired, it's likely because of the prominence of dynamic wrinkles. These thin marionette lines and crow's feet are the result of hundreds of thousands of facial muscle contractions. Your skin doesn't contain as much collagen and natural hyaluronic acid as it did when you were a teenager. Your skin, as a consequence has become far more susceptible to wrinkling when your skin gets pulled or pinched. Botox® is the perfect solution to the problem of thin, dynamic wrinkles on your face and forehead.

What the Facial Muscles Do

The muscles that lie just below the facial and forehead skin are responsible for the pulling of the overlaying skin. This is why you're able to perform all types of facial expressions— happy, sad, etc.. These facial muscles do this all the time. They contract when you smile, chew your food, or frown at the news headlines you read.

Deeper facial muscles also stretch and pinch your skin, but they don't force creasing and pinching the same way as the upper-level facial muscles do. Botox® injections work on the upper-level muscles only, meaning that you can still perform facial expressions without worrying about the appearance of superficial crow's feet and smile lines.

The most common areas where these lines form are near the corners of your mouth, above the nose bridge, and around the perimeter of your eyes. These wrinkles can also appear as thin, horizontal bands on your forehead. When you consult with Dr. J. Timothy Katzen, he will locate the muscles that need to be relaxed, and those are the muscles that will receive the injectable fluid.

Simple Treatment Procedure

It takes only about 10 minutes to complete botox injections. The affected muscles will begin to relax in about two or three days, and the effect lasts for up to four months.

Your sensory nerves that reach the skin aren't affected by the treatment. Your face won't feel numb, and neither will the tissues around the mouth and eyes. You'll find that performing the acts of smiling and frowning are just as easy as before (Indeed, you may smile more because you are so happy with the way you look!). Many of Dr. Katzen’s patients choose Botox® treatments on a regular basis so that they can keep their facial skin smooth and absent of dynamic wrinkles.

No Need for Surgery

A facelift can help smooth the skin, but many people feel that they don't need this sort of treatment, at least not yet. Other types of skin treatments can alter the skin tone or texture. Botox® doesn't treat the skin directly, so it's the perfect alternative for keeping wrinkles at bay. Get in touch with Dr. Katzen at one of his offices in Beverly Hills or Las Vegas to learn more. Contact Dr. Katzen today to schedule your Botox® consultation!

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