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Whether you're contemplating a life-changing surgery or a minimally invasive treatment, it's crucial that you place your trust in capable and compassionate hands. At J. Timothy Katzen, M.D. Beverly Hills, our skilled team, led by Dr. Timothy Katzen, is committed to providing you with nothing less than the absolute best in terms of quality care and pleasing results. With board certification in plastic surgery, Dr. Katzen has the credentials, surgical skill, artistic eye, and years of experience needed to finalize your aesthetic transformation. When researching a plastic surgeon to help you complete your cosmetic journey, reading real-life accounts from people just like you is often key to making your final choice. We invite you to browse through the many experiences of our wonderful patients so you can make the most informed decision possible.

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Reviews for Injectables Procedures Near Beverly Hills, CA

5.0 Review from B. Source: RealSelf Dec 30 2022

"Results are as good as some of the most high priced specialists in the city - Although this review is for Botox i need to give you a rundown on why i choose Dr Katzen I have always had an incredible experience with Dr Katzen. I have had a tummy tuck, breast lift, BBL plus both an arm lift and a thigh lift since 2017- and I’m not a massive weight loss patient. He's just that good. He Probably has more experience than anyone else in Los Angeles with these lift procedures This past summer wearing shorts for the first time in 20 years was truly life changing. Freeing. And tank tops without a “light sweater” on top to hide my arms when it’s 100 degrees outside- priceless. I wish i would have seen him sooner- like in my 20s- alas he wasn’t around yet :) . . So kind and patient and talented. Why i never turned to him for Botox and filler is a mystery. In November i got Botox from the very knowledgeable Talia in his office who is good at everything including post surgical care . Her results are as good as some of the most high priced specialists in the city. I’m also ready for my 2nd Mobius 8 session- great results. . He numbs us twice which really is necessary. He will always do what is necessary to keep you looking good and getting there as pain free as possible. . Great Dr. Great office."

5.0 Review from A.B. Source: Google Nov 15 2022

"I recently had a CTT and Thigh lift with Dr. Katzen and Botox with Talia. I am in love with my results and couldn't be happier. Dr. Katzen and Talia are both amazing practitioners and I highly recommend both of them."

5.0 Review from N.J. Source: RealSelf Jun 22 2022

"Routine Botox - His Prices Are Very Reasonable and Fair - My review is a simple one. I've been going to Dr. Katzen for Botox. He is located just down the street from where I live. His prices are very reasonable and fair. His staff are always nice and helpful."

5.0 Review from Y.Y. Source: Yelp Mar 10 2021

"This is an extremely personal review for me but I want to be able to help others in my position. Dr Katzen basically gave me my face back and I’m eternally thankful. So, when you’re young, dumb, insecure and have discretionary cash to spend what do you do? You go to Mexico to get permanent PMMA filler in a face that didn’t need it. Well, you do if you’re me.  Then you spend years regretting it and figuring out a way to get it removed. You beat yourself up. You drown in shame. You realize you look crazy and overdone and you start to hide. Before you know it, you’ve lost YEARS of your youth. Then you roll up your sleeves and say ENOUGH. After trying to dissolve the filler and even using ultherapy and lasers, I realized the only way to get this product removed would be surgically. I visited a few well-known doctors who all wanted to rip my face open, peel my skin back and leave me scarred. Enter Dr Katzen, who was kind, compassionate and professional. The first thing he said to me was, "well, if this was MY FACE here’s what I’d prefer..." and I was sold. As scared as I was, the procedure itself was relatively easy. I was swollen for two weeks, eyes shut for a day or so, but after the stitches came off everything started to settle nicely. Wearing a mask and sunglasses everywhere helped. Now, I cant wait until this pandemic - panini, Panasonic, prime rib - whatever you want to call it, is over so that I can show my face in public again. If you’re going through what I did and need advice or more information, please don’t hesitate to message me and please do yourself a favor and go see dr Katzen. Take care!"

5.0 Review from J. Source: RealSelf Mar 12 2020

"The Best and I Looked Researched Everywhere and Everyone - Body lift and thigh lift 11 pounds removed and I have my 19 year old body back [RSBleep], you know the body we had before the babies and the weight gains loses gains and loses ------ Dr. Katzen exceeded all my expectations with the surgical results and he has a mellow kind beside manner very UN-LA (thank goodness).The office staff is SUPER NICE (Kiara is great) I live in SF and traveled and stayed the 2 weeks in LA because he is the best. I am not posting body pics BC I am 7 weeks post op my scars look good but are PINK (that is how I scar) and my thighs look good (yes they are gapped now) but have 2 little incisions/suture healing spots - totally normal healing stuff.Will update with body pics in a few weeks.Updated on 22 Apr 2020:this is week 11 post opwill have to post to thighs on another post - tech difficulties scar still pink - but this is how I scar - it is very flat and now I had to delete the pic of my back side - file too big ??? idk new computer sorryUpdated on 22 Apr 2020:Again nice scar Dr Katzen is a great surgeon It occurred to me this was about 4 - 5 feet of stitches the BL was A LOT easier than the thigh recoverythighs are a bit trickier - and I still can not figure out how to post multiple picsI think my new comp ???Updated on 22 Apr 2020:BACK SIDE 360 BL 11 WEEKS I keep trying to post these and the site is dropping the pics and site is also demanding I type 200 characters there is no edit or delete button (that I can find) lord help me used a gel zone belt with biocorum for 5 ?? weeks straight scar looks pretty good it is FLAT FLAT (very pink)Updated on 13 Nov 2021:it has been a little over a year and 1/2 360 b l looks great (my shape waist to hip is weird due to the 360 scar ?? not even sure how that would be fixed ? filler of my own fat) the thigh lift not so much - the inner inner thigh were not touched so they look weird and floppy there is a bump on one of the inner thigh right by scar and my but looks flat and weird this is a little beyond 'got to the gym 'as was suggested (wont even touch that comment so dismissive ) I tried to go in for revision appts 2x but covid and other issues (knee etc) prevented it Might consult with Fisher bc JK was not look to fix his surgery - just do more surgery so ??? I d k my stomach is concave there is that - so lots of money lots of pain for that"

5.0 Review from S.4. Source: RealSelf Jun 18 2019

"Found a New Doctor for Botox - My doctor that I normally go to for minor cosmetic procedures moved, so I found Dr. Katzen. I simply had Botox with Dr. Katzen but I wanted to write this review to let you know how I love this office so much. The front office had beautiful smiles to greet me when I arrived. I only waited for about 10 minutes to see Dr. Katzen. He has this warm personality that makes you feel important and welcomed. I am definitely coming back to Dr. Katzen for my routine Botox and other things."

5.0 Review from V.5. Source: RealSelf Apr 18 2019

"My go to doctor for Botox. - I’ve been going to Dr. Katzen for botox. His prices are competitive. I love that every so often, he offers Saturday appointments which is perfect for my schedule. It’s nice to see Dr. Katzen every few months. He makes me look younger and vibrant! One day, when the time comes where I need some plastic surgery work done, he is my go to surgeon."

5.0 Review from P.C. Source: RealSelf Apr 18 2019

"Full Trust in Dr. Katzen to Reconstruct my Body. - After Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, I lost 114 lbs. I had saggy skin pretty much all over. I had stages of surgeries with Dr. Katzen. So far, I’ve had the circumferential body lift, liposuction of thighs, medial thigh lift, brachioplasty, mastopexy, breast aug, torsoplasty and botox (yes, I noticed more wrinkles on my face after weight loss). Between all the surgeries, Dr. Katzen removed a total of 16 lbs of extra skin. I had full trust in Dr. Katzen to reconstruct my body. He is amazing both surgically and emotionally. I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon."

5.0 Review from T. Source: RealSelf Apr 18 2019

"Loving my Enhanced Look. - Many of my friends have had some kind of cosmetic work done and they keep looking better and better. I’m new to this and felt extremely nervous about having anything done. I took baby steps and had botox, I loved it. Then I got more brave and scheduled a breast augmentation. I didn’t go too crazy with the size and wanted to look more natural. I told Dr. Katzen while I was under anesthesia if he could do a chemical peel as well. I am loving my new look. I don’t look “plastic”, just enough enhancements to notice a big improvement in my look. I dress differently now and noticed I have a little extra confidence with myself. Overall, I am pleased with Dr. Katzen’s work, who knows, he may see me again soon."

5.0 Review from G. Source: RealSelf Jun 19 2018

"I just came in for some botox with Dr. Katzen. As usual, I am very pleased with it. He's always kind and service at the office has always been great. I highly recommend him. I'll be seeing him again in a few months. Oh, his pricing is one of the best around town. Look out for his specials."

5.0 Review from G. Source: RealSelf Apr 18 2018

"Great experience with Botox - I just came in for some botox with Dr. Katzen. As usual, I am very pleased with it. He's always kind and service at the office has always been great. I highly recommend him. I'll be seeing him again in a few months. Oh, his pricing is one of the best around town. Look out for his specials."

5.0 Review from K.G. Source: RealSelf Apr 18 2018

"Botox - I just moved to Beverly Hills and found Dr. Katzen on this site. He had good reviews so I came in for some botox. Service was great so I’ll be returning to him for maintenance. He’s very efficient and an overall nice doctor."

5.0 Review from L. Source: RealSelf Apr 18 2018

"Wonderful surgeon for arm and breast lift - I had an arm lift and breast lift with Dr. Timothy Katzen. What a wonderful surgeon and human being! Besides the great results, he and his staff made my experience extra special. Pain was minimal and manageable. I plan on coming back for some botox and fillers in the near future."

5.0 Review from J.K. Source: RealSelf Apr 18 2018

"Going to Dr. Katzen for Botox and Fillers the last 3 years - I've been having botox and fillers with Dr. Katzen for the last three years. I work in the entertainment industry so looks are very important (especially with high def cameras). Dr. Katzen is fantastic!"

5.0 Review from B. Source: RealSelf Apr 18 2017

"Permalip - Top Lip Only - 5mm - Beverly Hills, CA - My lips have always been an insecurity of mine. Mainly my top lip as it is noticeably smaller than my bottom lip. I tried Juvederm out back in 12/29/15, and loved my results but they only lasted 4-5 months, and I had paid $485. So getting Permalip just seemed like a better solution for me, money and convenience wise. Plus it can last a life time. Making the PROS of Permalip out number the CONS. That's when I decided to start my research and look into getting a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. I did a lot of research on Yelp, Real Self, Facebook reviews, and qualifications before choosing Dr Katzen in Beverly Hills, and after having my consultation with him on 1/04/17, I was confident enough to book an appt with him for the procedure on 1/20/17. We both agreed that only getting Permalip on my top lip was the proper choice. It'd make my lips proportioned or my top lip only slightly bigger than my bottom, and that was okay with me. Dr Katzen was very warm, and knowledgeable and made sure to answer any questions that I had. He even had a phone call with me a week prior to my procedure date to get any last questions/concerns out of the way, and to confirm what size I wanted to go with. I also was able to voice my concerns about my fear of having "sausage lips" or them looking too fake. He quieted my insecurities with knowledgeable answers and made me feel comfortable with following through with the procedure. Well, 1/20/17 (today) approached quickly and of course I was very nervous once arriving at the doctor's office. He prescribed me Valium and I was able to get my prescription filled down stairs in the same building. Got my prescription within 10 mins, and went back upstairs. Had my chance to ask anymore questions before signing the documents and then took my Valium. I was taken into the back room, where topical numbing cream was applied to my lips. Waited about 20 mins, and then numbing injections were made into the corners of my top lip. Followed by my incisions being made into the corners of my mouth. Once the tunneling incision began, I couldn't feel a thing until he got closer to the center of my lips, where he then added a couple more numbing injections just to make sure I wouldn't feel anything. Honestly that was the most painful part out of all of this. The numbing injections hurt! Lol. But after that, I couldn't feel a thing. The tunneling through my upper lip continued and before you know it, my implant was in. Dr Katzen did a stitch on each side of the corner of my mouth, and ensured me that the implant was the perfect size for my lip. (We went with a 5mm in medium length for those wondering!)Over all my experience during the procedure wasn't too bad! My nerves and adrenaline definitely had me shaking, but it was practically painless except for those numbing shots. But other than that I only felt some mild tugging and pressure. And Dr Katzen made sure to comfort me as much as he could. He could tell I was nervous, and made some small talk with me, to distract me and keep me at ease. Asked where my favorite place was to vacation, if I snowboard, stuff like that. So I really appreciate how warm and friendly he was, and he had excellent bed side manner! He also prescribed me some antibiotics to prevent infection, and I was able to get those down stairs. And immediately scheduled a follow up appt for 1/23/17, and he told me I could call him at any time if I had any worries or concerns. So I thought that was very cool and generous of him. I am now almost 2 hours post procedure, laying in bed. (Elevated of course) and my lip is swollen and starting to throb! Thank god I have some Percocet to help with the pain, and I'm icing 20 mins on and 20 mins off. I also am taking Arnicare tablets and Bromelain which should help with bruising/swelling as well, so wish me luck! Will keep updating as the days go on."

5.0 Review from K. Source: RealSelf Apr 18 2017

"28 Year Old Male PermaLip (5mm) in Los Angeles - I've never had lip fillers before for two reasons...1. As a guy I was always afraid of having a "done look", it's not attractive on women but even less so on men in my opinion.2. I couldn't justify the expense and discomfort of having to get fillers a few times a year.When I heard about PermaLip implants I was intrigued and did my due diligence, reading and watching everything I could..."
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